Spoiler Warnings: What Is Dr. Hurt? Revelations In Batman And Robin #16 By Grant Morrison

Thomas Wayne, the Devil Worshiper and Black Sheep of the Wayne family was visited by a daemon in 1765, one he summoned. One named Barbatos. Thomas sought knowledge of the inner world, the location of the mystery box, the eternity signs. The secret treasure of Miagani.

Barbatos reveals itself to the reader with it’s words, “Omega Adapter” “Dark Side” “Knowledge”.

Hurt talks to this Bat God he has summoned as a woman yet to be sacrificed awakens behind him, revealing the all encompassing Bat figure to….not be there. Hurt is given commands by the Bat God, and we find that the daemon he was speaking to was an actual bat. A big one, but a bat none the less. One he bites the…I want to assume this is meant to be going for the heart, but it could just be the flesh and blood.

Hurt survived on a mix of, as Dick Grayson puts it, “Blood rituals and space voodoo.”

When Bruce confronts him later on he reveals more of the mystery to us, that Hurt was contaminated by contact with a weapon from another world. That Bruce’s father tried to treat him in the hidden room of Wayne Manor, but that by this point Hurt is barely even human.

One of Bruce’s ancestors driven mad and to the point of being one of his worst enemies, all due to the effects of Darkseid and Bruce’s return through time.

Man, I hope I got that right.

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