Were Money No Object on November 3 with Two Generals, B.P.R.D., Chase & more

It feels like we’re getting close to that time of the year when publishers start looking towards Christmas sales, and start to put out some nice options for comics fans.

Books I Want to Buy:

How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less

by Sarah Glidden; Vertigo, $24.99

I don’t know anything about Sarah Glidden, but I’m still very intrigued by this book.  It looks to be a travel memoir of Glidden’s time in Israel, and according to the solicitation text, it doesn’t look to shy away from some of the controversy that surrounds the country’s politics and human rights record.

What immediately attracted me to this comic is that it reminds me of Rutu Modan’s excellent graphic novel Exit Wounds, which shares both locale and an art style with this book.

This comic definitely doesn’t feel much like a Vertigo title, but that only adds to the appeal to me, as I feel they should be encouraged in their efforts to branch out and become a more diverse publisher.

Two Generals HC

by Scott Chantler; Oni Press, $24.95

I’m very excited to get my hands on this new book from Scott Chantler, whose Northwest Passage was an excellent read.

Chantler is a local boy, so that automatically makes me want to support him, but beyond that, he’s a fantastic artist and compelling writer.  Two Generals tells the story of Chantler’s grandfather and his best friend as they took part in the Normandy invasion during the Second World War.

I’m a sucker for well-researched and accurate historical novels and graphic novels, so this is a perfect choice for me.

I enjoy Chantler’s style, and find the elastic that wraps the book, so reminiscent of the books carried into war, an aesthetic addition that makes the book irresistible.

Books I Think You Should Buy:

BPRD Vol. 14 – The King of Fear

by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, and Guy Davis; Dark Horse, $17.99

I spent most of the summer getting caught up on Hellboy and BPRD, and I found that I like the spin-off book more than Mignola’s original title, mostly because of the extensive cast and the feeling that anything can happen at any time.

This volume, which collects the last mini-series that came before the title changed to BPRD: Hell on Earth, explains why that name change was necessary.  This story is the culmination of years of planning and story development, as the Bureau has to deal with the Frogs, the Black Flame, the subterranean dudes that showed up when the series began, and some huge Lovecraftian monsters.

Lots of stuff gets wrecked, some characters leave the title, and the status quo gets shaken up good.  It’s a great comic.

DC Comics Presents Chase #1

by D. Curtis Johnson and JH Williams III; DC, $7.99

Chase was one of my favourite comics of the 90s, and it’s nice to see that it is finally get some recognition, even if it is only in the form of DC’s new budget reprint line, and if it doesn’t collect the best stories of that title, opting instead for the mandatory Batman guest story.

Regardless, Chase is some great comics.  Agent Chase works for the DEO, and it is her job to police the superhero community.  The comics were written by D. Curtis Johnson, who was really good, but has done very little work since.

The main reason why these comics are getting recognition now are because of the art by JH Williams III, who even then had all the makings of becoming the superstar he is now.  His work on this book was very very good.

I liked the offbeat quality of this book.  I liked the beginning, but really fell in love with the title when there was a story featuring Peruvian Shining Path guerrillas wearing surplus Rocket Red gear.  This book was very well thought-out and executed, and hopefully, if this book sells well, we’ll see a more complete collection soon.

So, what would you buy Were Money No Object?

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