Rassllin’ Roundtable – TNA Turning Point 2010

Last month TNA blew a stinking wet fart in our faces with what should have been their biggest show of the year and this month we have the TP to wipe it off. Still, the Pulse team is here again to give our predictions for Turning Point. Keep in mind, though, that unlike the TNA creative team we try to use rational thinking, so you can expect very few correct guesses from us.

TNA Heavyweight Championship:
Jeff Hardy (C) vs. Matt Morgan

Steven Gepp (This time, in Haikus!):
Anderson’s damaged
Morgan’s doing the ‘right’ thing
Hardy ain’t losing
Winner (still champ): Jeff Hardy

Matthew Michaels: I think Hardy has to keep this here. I doubt the plan was to put the belt on Anderson, and TNA likes to plan major storylines out ahead of time, and Jeff JUST won, so I can’t see them randomly putting it on Morgan just yet. That said, I like the storyline and am curious to see how Matt does in the main event. Good for him.
Winner: Jeff

Chris Biscuiti: Are you ready for this swerve of all swerves of all swerves of all serves?!?!?!?!?! I think Matt Morgan wins the TNA Championship with help from Ric Flair and Fortune. That’s right, the alliance between Immortal and Fortune will be over before it begins, and Matt Morgan as TNA Champion will set off a new era of a Hogan – Flair rivalry. As for the concussion stuff, I bet they never mention it again.
Winner and new champion: Matt Morgan

Raffi Shamir: Reports from TNA said that they decided to go with a Hardy turn and win only because it would have been the biggest shocker. Classic stupid Russo booking. There’s a part of me that wishes that Hardy will be convicted and sent to prison for his drug charges only so TNA would be screwed and realize what a mistake it was. But still, even if it happened just to shock everyone, they will not take the title away from him so early.
Winner: Hardy

TNA Tag Team championships:
The Motor City Machineguns (C) vs. Team 3D

Steven Gepp:
An act old and stale
Hustling in on the new guys
Who cares what fans want?
Winner (new champs): Team 3-olD

Matthew Michaels: I like the idea of a feel-good Team 3D win, with them going out on top. But with the knowledge that they recently signed a contract extension with TNA, and them JUST returning to TV, I think the belts have to elude them this time.
Winners: MCMG

Chris Biscuiti: I really hope MCMG retain here and Team 3D really does retire, but something tells me this is the beginning of a rehashing of a feud, not the end of a historic tag team. Generation Me helps 3D win.
Winners and new champions: Team 3D

Raffi Shamir: I hate this situation. Last month Team 3D announced that we have seen the last of them. But then they signed an extension, meaning they had the shortest wrestling retirement ever (Which is quite an accomplishment). If they win the titles here and then unretired, then what was the point. If they win the titles but then split and feud with one another, then this would be another attempt at a feud that nobody wants to see. But that would happen even if they lost here. At least do the right thing and job to MCMG, who clearly deserve this.
Winners: MCMG

TNA X-Division championship:
Jay Lethal (C) vs. Robbie E

Steven Gepp:
Title shot already?
Coz of a crap TV show?
I want Amazing Red!
Winner (still champ): Jay Lethal

Matthew Michaels: I don’t know what to think of this one. Why isn’t Lethal in the group of folks going up against Immortal/Fortune? If Williams sticks with F, I can see Lethal keeping and defending against him next month. But it seems that’s not going to happen, so I guess they’ll go with the pop culture hot hand.
Winner: Robbie E

Chris Biscuiti: Jersey’s in the house bitches! You know, because Jay Lethal isn’t from Elizabeth, New Jersey, or anything.
Winner and new champion: Robbie E

Raffi Shamir: I don’ want to use the word “hate” again, so I’ll just say I highly dislike Robbie E and the fact that he’s going up against Lethal rather than someone more deserving. The X Division is in a sad state and it’s a real shame since TNA still has the manpower to make it great again. I can only hope that Lethal will retain.
Winner: Jay Lethal

Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer:

Steven Gepp:
Faces are feudin’!
Who’s the real mole in the group?
Big time clusterf*ck.
Winner: No Result due to interference by 4tune/Immortals

Matthew Michaels: Another one I don’t know what to make of. RVD should win.
Winner: RVD

Chris Biscuiti: I genuinely hate this storyline. Prediction: RVD loses after Dreamer sells out and ALL of EV2.0 turns heel, sans Kendrick and Foley. Ugh.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Raffi Shamir: Here I have no option but to say that I hate this. Yes, booking 101 states the heels should dominate TNA for a while before the faces regroup and provide a real challenge, but when the faces fight amongst themselves, it’s just pathetic. And why is Tommy Dreamer still working matches?
Winner: RVD

Mickie James vs. Tara:

Steven Gepp:
Castoff one is new
Castoff two’s been here before
Which annoys Vince most?
Winner: Mickie James

Matthew Michaels: Tara’s going to put her over here, and do a great job doing it. Female MOTY? Perhaps.
Winner: Mickie

Chris Biscuiti: Mickie wins and the next match will be a Triple Threat for the title between Tara, Mickie, and Madison. Book it.

Winner: Mickie James

Raffi Shamir: It’s Mickie’s first TNA PPV match after jumping from WWE. Need I say more?
Winner: Mickie James

Winning Team gets to Fire a member of the losing team:
EV2.0 vs. Fortune

Steven Gepp:
Enough already!
Blow off this unending feud!
Mick Foley – fired!
Winner: Fourtune (Mick’s gone by-byes, back to WWE and next year’s HoF)

Matthew Michaels: I think with the heels winning the main event, you can have them take a loss here, and use that as an excuse to pair down to a more manageable number. Bye-bye, Douglas.
Winners: EV2

Chris Biscuiti: Fortune wins, Rhyno or Sabu get fired. This is before the EV2.0 heel turn.
Winners: Fortune

Raffi Shamir: I still think that Fortune is the second worse heel stable of the last decade, giving Legacy a close race for the first spot. They need to absolutely decimate EV2 here if the fans are to take Fortune as a serious threat.

Lumberjack Match:
Abyss v ‘The Pope’

Steven Gepp:
Abyss – Mankind lite
Can we all say clash of styles?
And lumberjacks – why?
Winner: Abyss (with shenanigans)

Chris Biscuiti: Pope wins, Abyss murders a fan and we never see him again.
Winner: The Pope

Raffi Shamir: I’m tired of Abyss. Pope has been really screwed over by TNA in the last couple of months, he needs to get something back.
Winner: Pope

Samoa Joe v Jeff Jarrett

Steven Gepp:
Samoa Joe kills
But Jarrett was the owner
Joe – ROH calls!
Winner: JJ

Chris Biscuiti: Joe wins with help from Angle, then they all gangbang Karen after the match.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Raffi Shamir: The entire booking leading up to BFG was moronic. The turn at BFG was moronic. Since Edge can’t be there to fight the “stupid” in TNA, I hope that at least Joe will kill Jarrett here.
Winner: Joe

And that’s the roundtable. Join us on Sunday night here on Pulse Wrestling for full live coverage of TNA Turning Point 2010.

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