10 thoughts on Smackdown: why split up tag teams?! disappointing matches and David Otunga.

1. Finally Nexus have done what they should’ve done aaaallllll the way back in June and invaded Smackdown without any pre-warning. It only took them errmm *counts on fingers* 5 months! I only wish it had been more dramatic – minus the tie strangling as I was really upset when poor Justin Roberts got choked out. Actually on second thought I do wish David Otunga had got a tie around Tony Chimel’s neck because we all know where that would have led to for the hubby of Jennifer Hudson…

2. Since Edge returned back to Smackdown last month he has participated in some of the best matches Smackdown has had to offer this year. I don’t know what it is with Edge but he always fails to impress when he is on RAW but then he comes back to SD and he is a whole new fresh and exciting Superstar.

3. See if WWE didn’t have an obsession with splitting up tag teams JTG could still be in Cryme Tyme and possibly be going for the belts rather than losing out to Dolph Ziggler in less than 3 minutes. I don’t understand why WWE are intent on destroying the tag division, they are more in need of tag teams then they are of two single wrestlers who won’t be going anywhere anytime soon other then possibly the main event of Superstars if they are extremely lucky.

4. After the shambles that was the tag match at Bragging Rights with Cena winning the tag belts basically single-handedly off Dashingly Sinister how can I be set to believe that Cody or Drew could win the Intercontinental championship individually when both of them together can’t even beat one man.

5. Yesterday I was watching Backlash 2007 and one of the matches on the card was MVP & Matt Hardy against Douche Deuce ‘N Domino (I somehow found myself rooting for MVP & Matt Hardy – yes, I was disgusted with myself.) But it made me realise how undoubtedly cool MVP used to be when he was a heel but then he unfortunately turned and now he is one of the blandest wrestlers on the WWE roster and I am not looking forward at all to what will be a six month feud between MVP and Dolph Ziggler.

6. The Vickie Guerrero/Kaityln match was against everything I stand for when it comes to women’s wrestling and everybody else probably hated it but *whispers* I loved it –  because it was so bad it was good. The only problem I had (other then the ‘wrestling’) was the fact that Vickie didn’t even get a theme song – I did make one up for her which included the beginning of Chavo’s theme and perhaps an over-usage of the word excuse me but hey its better then silence. So hit me up next time Vickie – I will be waiting.

7. Tyler Reks vs. Chris Masters on Smackdown? – Really WWE? Shouldn’t this belong to the first match on Superstars?

8. I have a small suggestion for Smackdown since they have no midcard storyline going on at all ATM – they should start a Cody/Masters feud a la Rick Rude/The Ultimate Warrior – this would include a lot of muscular posedowns from Masters and close-ups of Cody’s dashing face. However, if in some parallel universe that this did happen I would have no idea who to root for since you all know I’m in love with Cody but I’ve always had a soft spot for The Masterpiece.

9. When the main event 10-man tag team match was announced at the start of the show I was really excited for it and went into the match with high expectations of an exhilarating, fast paced match but unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations at all. I found the match to be slow and kind of predictable. With the calibre of superstars Smackdown had to offer you’d think they would’ve definitely of pulled a great main event out of the bag but for some reason that just did not happen at all – I’m blaming David Otunga.

10. Best match: Edge/Alberto Del Rio.
Worst match: Smackdown/Nexus tag match as it was really disappointing.
Best segment:
were there even any segments on Smackdown this week? I’m just going to go with Drew’s entrance as I like to stare at him.

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