REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #647 by VARIOUS

Amazing Spider-Man #647

Written by:
Fred Van Lente, Zeb Wells, Joe Kelly, Mark Waid, Bob Gale, Marc Guggenheim & Dan Slott.

Art by:
Max Fiumara, Michael Del Mundo, Karl Kesel, J.M. Ken Niimura, Paul Azaceta, Graham Nolan, Adam Archer

This is a nice big oversized issue so I’ll just be sharing with you my random thoughts about all of the stories.

Random Thoughts

– Vin? Forgot all about him.

– Nice to see Carlie calling out Peter on his indecisivtity

– Harry Osborn is fleeing New York with his son? I’m not down. I liked having him in the supporting cast.
– Overdrive? Yawn. Way to bring him back only to add an encyclical nature to the BND storyline.
– The Spider-mobile is in the Smithsonian…really?
– Would Overdrive’s powers really allow him to mimic Spidey’s web formula? Not a big deal, just me geeking out over some detail.
– Spidey’s got a pretty laissez-fair attitude towards collateral damage in this fight. I’m sure ripping the side off a skyscraper isn’t good for his public image.
– I’m enjoying the choices of costumes at this Halloween party: Betty Brant as Jewel, Jameson Sr. as The Whizzer, Carlie as Black Cat. Michelle as Firebird is great. Peter as JJ Jameson also wasn’t bad.
– Baby Osborn as Doc Ock is perfect.

– How the hell does Peter confuse Carlie for the actual black cat? Yeah it’s a good costume but Carlie is sorely lacking two assets which should make Felicia stand out from the crowd.
-Baby Osborn is named Stanley? I guess I can live with that.
– I’d really like to know how and why Vin because a member of the church of Osborn?

– I also really want that tattoo.
– This is the best interaction Peter & Mary Jane have had since One More Day:

– I’m glad someone finally said it

– The Zeb Wells story where Harry pummels Vin into a pulp for “threatening” him and Stanley disturbed me, just a little bit. In some ways it works because most fathers would do anything to protect their children, but on another level, the level that goes along with Harry’s sordid history, it makes me wonder if there’s any chance of redemption for him as a character. He seemed to enjoy it a little too much.
– The J. Jonah Jameson story is crap.
– The Kelly/Nimura Norah Winters story isn’t really interesting, but the arts nice if like quirky and I think this might be one of the best panels in Spider-Man history:

– Norah was definitely the most under utilized character from Brand New Day. Here’s hoping she sticks around for Big Time.
– The Flash story is nice. He’s another character that was trounced back out for BND and was still underutilized. Shame.
– “You Again?” a story about Mia Flores, the girl who kissed Peter at the club waaaaaaay back at the start of Brand New Day, is easily the most entertaining thing about this whole issue. If all of the little micro-appearances they wrote for her in the events throughout the story-arc had actually happened during the issues they’ve been retconned into, BND would’ve been a more enjoyable read. This issue is worth it just for this story.

Final Score: 9/10 This issue was packed full of Spidey goodness, put an end to the god awful saga that was Brand New Day and featured a nice array of art from some of Marvel’s finest. Might’ve liked to see a bit more of a lead in to Big Time, but all and all, this issue was a pretty enjoyable read.

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