The Format is Changing

Hey folks.  Your old pal Charlie here with news that you might have taken to be inevitable.

I’m currently sitting the DVD backlog from hell.  I have twenty-three WWE compilation DVDs that have gone unreviewed, in addition to having five WWE pay-per-views that I haven’t touched yet.

My average Way Too Long Review is about thirteen pages per a disc.  That’s nearly forty pages for a three-disc set.  It takes me on average ten hours to write one disc worth of stuff.  I can’t do it anymore.

It’s long been suggested that I drop play-by-play from my reviews.  Well my critics score a victory, because that’s what I’m doing.

Otherwise, I hope everything will basically be as it always was.  The same commentary, the same factoids, the same rants, same out-of-left-field tangents, the same gags, the same quips, the same jokes (I have at least two notebooks full of Benoit material left to blow through), that everyone, for better or worse, comes here to read.

My upcoming Way Too Long Review of WWE Fatal Four Way (that’s how backed up I am) will be the last original review under this format, with the possible except of stuff that I did MOST of the work for that then never finished.

It doesn’t necessarily mean my stuff will be a lot shorter.  A prototype I worked out for the two-discs of the Chris Jericho set I haven’t yet covered (check out Scott Keith’s review, where I covered the first disc) clocked in at about fourteen pages.  Some might argue that’s still too long, but hey, it’s  a good start.  Plus I get to keep the “Way Too Long” name that way, which is good considering that Pulse made a graphic for it.

So keep your eyes peeled here in the coming weeks as stuff should start to come in much faster.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  Until then, you can check out my audio commentary for the 1997 Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Survivor Series match at The Wrestling Press and you can expect a new commentary there every month.  In December it will be for Sting/Hogan from Starrcade ’97.

And that’s pretty much it.  See you guys soon with Fatal 4 Way.