The People’s Column: TNA Turning Point Predictions and Sunday Random Thoughts

Welcome back to another week of my random thoughts. Things happened this week, and I damn sure plan on talking about them. As a bonus, my TNA Turning Point predictions are included at the bottom of this blog.

– WWE had a really uneventful week. It seems like after setting up the main events for Survivor Series they just decided to take a break and write two inconsequential shows instead of building up more programs for the PPV.

– After seeing a five on five match this week and the other multiple man tag team matches in the last three months, will we actually see any elimination style matches at Survivor Series? Would it make Nexus look weak to have them up against the preverbal WWE B-team as opposed to the A-team that they have been fighting?

– So Goldust didn’t get married. That’s a bummer. I always want to see weddings that involve face paint go well.

– If the commentators are referring to the Million Dollar Belt as a championship, does that mean that it will be defended like one in the future?

– With Undertaker out once again, where does Smackdown go? I see Edge winning the championship, but who do he and Kane feud with afterwards?

– Does anyone else think that it hurt Kane’s heel heat to have him work as a babyface for one night only against The Nexus?

– I was also surprised to see Paul Bearer just kind of hanging out at ringside. It’s a little strange to see him still around with Undertaker injured.

– With WWE’s PPV buys dipping lower once again this quarter, should the schedule be re-imagined? I’ll have a blog up about this later this week.

– I’m really good at Smackdown vs Raw 2011.

– I find the heel Michael Cole character to be really funny a lot of the time. It does seem like he can not legitimately sell the product while being funny though. What happened to the Cole we heard on Smackdown from 2002 to 2007? He was good and not overbearing.

– One plus side for WWE on PPVs being down: they are making more money than ever from their TV broadcasts. Could it be that PPV was simply a means to an end and with advertising being the main monetary source for WWE that they will abandon PPV at some point in the future? Think about it, there is a reason the Super Bowl in not on PPV.

– Question: Do you ever not watch WWE pay per views and then buy the DVDs right when they come out to see the action? I’m curious as to how many WWE viewers do this. Would seeing the matches matter that much over a month after the event?

– I hope Raw does not get more R-Truth-centric. His act does not work work well and their are better performers that deserve his spot.

– MVP had a decent night on Friday. I hope he really gets reenergized. His Terrell Owens act was one of my favorites and think it could have easily gone farther.

– What DVDs would you like to see WWE produce? They may start running short on titles soon and I’m curious what the type of fans that read my blog would like to see.

– Is it really wise to have Ric Flair, who acts brain damaged half the time, running around on TNA TV telling fans that concussions are no big deal? I know he is a heel and heels lie, but this is a more serious issue that what TNA seems to be willing to let on.

– Should we start the Sting comeback countdown now?

– Will Hulk Hogan please stop trying to be Bret Farve and just show up on Impact on occasion?

– So, is Douglas Williams not a heel anymore? I’d pick him over Kazarian every day of the week.

– Did anyone expect John Cena to really show loyalty on Raw this week? There was not reason for him to.

– Will we see David Otunga vs Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship at TLC?

– What matchup will they force into the TLC slot this year? Will we once again have two ladder matches?

TNA Turning Point Predictions:
TNA Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Matt Morgan: For an extended version of how I feel about this match, you should check out the blog I wrote yesterday about Matt Morgan and his face turn. To condense that: the challenge of this match is to make Morgan look strong while giving Hardy the win. It’s too soon to take the let off of Hardy and they need babyfaces with momentum in TNA. I’ll pick Hardy to win with some interference, which for this match won’t necessarily be a bad thing (and it would be effective if TNA didn’t always have main events with interference).

TNA Tag Team Championship: Motor City Machine Guns vs Team 3D: I don’t believe 3D is retiring, rather they will move on to be solo acts. Sadly, that means that this match will set up their inevitable feud with each other that no one wants to see. My hope is that MCMG are not made to look weak before beating 3D. Save the breakup angle for after the match, not during.

Fortune vs EV2.0: Can the winners please just fire the entire opposing team? EV2.0 actually meant something a few months ago at Hardcore Justice, but one they are just another nostalgia at that TNA has kept around the back and not really used effectively. This will the the standard match between these two teams. Fortune wins. Sabu is fired and hopefully Rhino, Raven, Stevie and Dreamer are kicked out also.

Tommy Dreamer vs Rob Van Dam: Remember when RVD said that he was going to get a shot at the new champion at the show after Bound for Glory? Yeah, that was not as important as getting one last match with Dreamer in. These guys will use every shortcut in the book to show that they are not old and banged up, but rather are still important competitors. Logic would say that RVD goes over here, but it’s TNA so I’m picking Dreamer.

X-Division Championship Match: Jay Lethal vs Robbie E: Has Lethal even been on TV this month? I’ve barely seen him. This is just ridiculous. The company will say every six months that they want to rebuild the division. They will let a couple wrestlers in it go out and tear the house down on TV and show what it could be, then a month later it is forgotten and the title will be used to get the Jersy Shore angle over. Robbie E wins and the X-Division slowly dies,

Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe: There has to be a reason that Joe was not put into the main event with Hardy when Mr Anderson went down. Samoa Joe is a guy much like the X-Division where it looks like the company is about to get behind him and then they don’t for some reason. I hope this is a solid victory for Joe and not a reason for Jarrett to start racking up guitar-assisted victories. Samoa Joe wins here.

Abyss vs D’Angelo Dinero: Why is this a Lumberjack match? And will it be like the fan’s revenge matches from back in TNA history? Abyss is a solid worker, but he relies heavily on big and shocking spots. Dinero has not managed to find his groove since his injury in April. I’ll go with Abyss winning here to make Immortal look strong.

Tara vs Mickie James: Is this the WWE Divas of 2006 showcase match? Sure, these women can wrestle, but why is this match happening? Why not let these two workers use their shred of credibility to put over the women in TNA without credibility? This is Mickie’s first PPV match, so she wins.

This should be an okay show. I’m very curious to see where the crowd goes for Morgan and Hardy. The rest of the card does not appeal to me too much, but it could be surprisingly decent.

That’s all for this week friends! Answer some questions in the comments and enjoy TNA’s show tonight (for the right or the wrong reasons).

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