10 Thoughts on TNA Turning Point 2010

Welcome to another spectacular edition of my 10 Thoughts. Tonight we tackle TNA’s Turning Point 2010 show. This show featured Matt Morgan taking on TNA Champion Jeff Hardy in the main event. To read a column about how to get Jeff Hardy over as a heel, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

1. Not a bad TNA X-Division Championship match, but I hate seeing these guys in the opening match slot. The X-Division title should be a co-main event, especially if the plan is for it to change hands. Robbie E is a quality wrestler, it remains to be seen if he can get over despite the annoying gimmick.

2. Non-finish aside, I liked the women’s match. It wasn’t perfect, but it was physical and fun. If garbage brawling is the next phase of women’s wrestling, I will be depressed. Also, what was Mickie James wearing? I know she isn’t under WWE control anymore, but why not dress like a wrestler instead of whatever she is supposed to be.

3. I liked the Team 3D vs Machine Guns match a lot. It was a nice standard tag match that was not overbooked or too crazy. TNA made it seem like a big deal, which is a good thing. I’m so happy to see that they did not run a breakup angle with 3D tonight. If that was their real last match as a team, I will be happy for them.

4. Is this just bad attire for wrestlers night? Why is Tommy Dreamer dressed like an MMA fighter? If he is trying to look more MMA, why is he wearing a t-shirt? I don’t see any fighters actually doing that.

5. Fortune wins and Sabu is fired. I hope this is the last we see of the Fortune vs EV2.0 feud. Fortune should be able to move into some individual programs and bolster the Immortal vs TNA feud.

6. And now we get the Russo Swerve of the evening! Pope’s brother that we have never really seen turns on The Pope. Shocker. The bigger story of this match is that Pope really does not carry his own in a long upper card match.

7. Why is Mike Tenay so upset at Jeff Jarrett? The guy was a heel for most of TNA’s early years. Tenay makes it sound like Jarrett was the patron saint of TNA from the very beginning. Also, I’d rather listen to Michael Cole than Mike Tenay.

8. Was there a reason that Jeff Jarrett couldn’t put over Samoa Joe tonight? Do we really need to see Joe vs Jarrett two next month?

9. How disappointing was it to hear the Impact Zone crowd chanting for Jeff Hardy for almost the entire main event? I know that TNA cannot control what their fans do, but fans watching at home have to be confused to see the lead heel being chanted for and the main babyface on the show not getting any reaction. For thoughts on how to really get Hardy over as a heel, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

10. What happened during that Carbon Footprint spot? For those of you that did not see, Morgan gave Hardy the Carbon Footprint and Hardy did not kick out, but the referee just stopped counting. Was this supposed to be the screwjob finish of this match or did the performers make a legitimate mistake? Either way, this match capped off an uneventful show in an uneventful way.

That’s all I’ve got for these thoughts. To read a blog about how to truly make Jeff Hardy get over as a heel, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com. I’ll be back tomorrow night with thoughts on WWE Raw.

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