Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Report: WWE Monday Night RAW – 11.08.2010: Wade Barrett Pins Randy Orton

Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW!


RAW opens at Manchester with John Cena in the ring reading from a scroll on a Nexus podium, because that’s how the Queen addresses her people. This is an introduction for Wade Barrett, who is flanked by the Nexus. We have a treat tonight as Josh Matthews is commentating with Michael Cole tonight. Wade Barrett thanks John Cena for that introduction that he wrote. Wade invites Manchester to a big party, but he has some business he needs to take care of. Footage is shown from David Otunga’s invasion on WWE SmackDown, only to fail. Wade brings Otunga forward and he lays the law down. Next up is dealing with John Cena. Wade asks Cena to explain himself. Cena explains last year and Barrett brings us back to current and Cena says “You lost”. Wade Barrett reminds Cena as to what happens at Survivor Series. This causes Cena to remind Barrett what happens regardless. Barrett tells Cena to announce him as the new WWE Champion.


Randy Orton comes out and Wade Barrett is pissed off. Randy says that last time he checked that he is still the WWE Champion. Orton vows that Wade Barrett will never be WWE Champion. Wade says that he has an army of men and Randy has no one. Cue the RAW GMail (with a huge chorus of boos). The GM cancels the championship preview and makes the WWE Championship match can only end in a pinfall or submission. Furthermore, the rest of Nexus is banned from ringside. Barrett is pissed at this news. Also, the GM makes a 10 man tag team match with Team Barrett versus Team Orton; to which the GM will pick Orton’s teammates. The guest referee, John Cena.

The…”part of the show that provides masturbatory material for the tweens and teens alike” is next.


Welcome back to the show.

Eve Torres & The Bella Twins v. Maryse, Alicia Fox, & Tamina

Eve and Tamina start things off. Tamina takes the upperhand, but Eve plays smart. Whip attempt blocked the first time; countered the second time. Tamina gets a Samoan Drop and scores a two count. Maryse gets a tag and she continues the onslaught. Hair pulling works wonders. Eve gets a moment of time to tag in one of the Bellas. Fox gets tagged in and sooner or later it goes balls to the wall. Maryse plants the Bella with a DDT. The other Bella twin plays the switcharoo and Alicia Fox gets pinned.

Winners: The Bella Twins & Eve Torres
Grade: FTS

And Michael Cole wants to be a cheerleader. Who wants to see a middle-aged man wearing a tank top and matching underwear?

Backstage, David Otunga plays in charge and Wade Barrett comes in to ruin his moment. He books David Otunga against John Cena tonight and tells him to step up.


Last week: Natalya beat Michelle McCool.

The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya) v. The Usos

So am I watching Superstars or is the WWE being smart this time around? David Hart Smith takes care of the Usos and Tyson Kidd gets the tag. Plancha by Kidd! Almost got caught, but he hurrancuranas his way out of it. The Usos take control and they isolate Kidd in their corner. They frequent tags as Kidd looks for an opening. Kidd moves away and we get that opening. Tag to David Hart Smith. Full Nelson Suplex connects for two. Kidd tries to get involved, but the Usos divide and conquer. Jay Uso gets the big splash for the pinfall.

Winners: The Uso
Grade: C-

Later tonight, the Tea Party (not the far right-wing crackheads) hosts Tea with Santino with Sheamus as a special guest.


Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton and the Miz is a part of Team Orton later tonight.

Backstage, David Otunga tries to play boss and he tries to say that he will beat John Cena tonight. He is crazy.


Last week on NXT, Ted DiBiase Sr. interrupts his son’s moment by marrying Goldust and Aksana. He also gets slapped for his troubles.

Goldust v. Ted DiBiase Jr.

Goldust starts off strong and he clotheslines DiBiase outside the ring. Back inside, Goldust gets the atomic drop. DiBiase turns the tide and takes control. Cover off a forearm gets two. Another cover gets two as well. Goldust gets choked off the ropes. Goldust tries to fight back, but DiBiase keeps the pressure on. Here comes Goldust, but DiBiase gets a backbreaker for two. DiBiase instructs DiBiase to steal back the Million Dollar Championship and she does. Goldust hits a running bulldog for two. Pillar to post we go and Goldust scores a two count. Here comes Aksana and she steals back the championship. DiBiase gets distracted and Goldust rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Goldust
Grade: C


John Cena v. David Otunga

Otunga wears a Nexus hoodie and the rest of Nexus join him at ringside. Barrett sends Nexus back to the locker room. Otunga tries to run, but John Cena chases after him and he introduces his face on the Rolls Royce on the stage. Back in the ring, Cena hits a nice waistlocked suplex and he waits for Otunga. Dropkick by Cena. Pillar to post we go and Cena misses Otunga. Otunga takes control as the fight spills to the outside. Duelling “Let’s Go Cena’/”Cena Sucks” from the Manchester crowd. Otunga takes it to Cena in the corner and he hits a hard scoop slam. Off the ropes, Otunga drops the elbow for a two count. Another elbow misses and HERE COMES CENA! Protobomb connects, as does the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Attitude Adjustment connects on the first try and Otunga gets locked into the STF and he taps out.

Winner: John Cena
Grade: D

Backstage, David Otunga has an ice pack and Wade Barrett tells David Otunga that he is an embarrassment. Barrett wants Otunga to take the Nexus back to SmackDown and he will face Edge. If Otunga loses, he is out of Nexus.

Tea Time With Santino

Santino Marella and Vladimir Koslov, dressed like proper English gentlemen. Santino wants to make peace with Sheamus. Sheamus comes out dressed to compete and Michael Cole calls this an international incident in the making. Sheamus calls Santino misunderstood and he relates Santino as someone in Ireland…a village idiot. This is going so well. Alex? I’ll take Former World Champions for $600, please.

This person was a former World Heavyweight Champion and has been credited with ending Triple H’s career. Who is Sheamus?

Sheamus forgets why he hates Santino so Vladimir reminds him. Santino pours some more tea and spills some on Sheamus. Tea time is over and the RAW GMail chimes in. It is time for action and Santino Marella will have to face Sheamus without Vladimir Koslov…next!


Santino Marella v. Sheamus

Santino has ring gear on underneath and Sheamus plays mind games with Santino. Santino plays hard to get and the RAW GMail orders Santino back in the ring to compete or be suspended. Santino gets back in the ring and he prepares the Cobra only for Sheamus to deck Santino and putting the boots to him. Santino begs off. Sheamus gets closer and Santino low blows him for the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Sheamus
Grade: FTS

Santino celebrates and once Sheamus comes to, Santino eats the Brogue Kick and he goes for the Irish Curse, only for John Morrison to come out to save his ass.

John Cena watches the commercial for WrestleMania XXVII. Wade Barrett comes in to rub it in his face. Barrett tells Cena that if he does his job, the Nexus will be a distant memory.


How shocking, the Stand Up for WWE campaign is continuing!

Team Orton (Randy Orton, The Miz, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, & Mark Henry) v. Team Nexus (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Michael McGillicutty, & Husky Harris)
Special Guest Referee: John Cena

Josh Matthews lets Michael Cole give verbal fellatio to the Miz and his Miz-itch. He also hugs Miz-itch as if he was at a Justin Bieber concert and Miz-itch was Bieber. Wow. Just wow. We go to break before the main event.


Bryan starts things off with Gabriel. McGillicutty comes in and Bryan gets a tag from behind and the Miz is in the match. The Miz owns McGillicutty and he gets the corner charge for two. Orton tags into the match and he continues the pressure on McGillicutty. He throws McGillcutty to the Nexus corner, wanting Wade Barrett. Barrett tells Heath Slater to tag in. R-Truth comes into the fray and it appears to be a dissection of the Nexus. Truth gets a cover and it is balls to the wall! John Cena lets them fight it out and Nexus regroups. David Otunga makes his way down the ramp as we go to break.


We’re back and Otunga is at ringside as Cena has order restored. Gabriel and Truth are in the ring and Gabriel scores a two count. Harris gets the tag and Truth gets sent to the ropes. Tag to Mark Henry and Harris tries to go toe to toe, but to no avail. Bodyslam by Henry and he goes for the splash, but gets canvas instead. Tag to McGillicutty and gets clobbered by Henry. Tag to Daniel Bryan and Michael Cole goes quiet for a moment. Bryan hits a nice German to McGillicutty. Cover gets two. Harris tags in, but Bryan goes for the LaBelle lock on McGillicutty and is stopped. Husky Harris gets a 360 clothesline on Bryan. Tag to Barrett and he takes it to Bryan. Backbreaker by Barrett for two and he works the back. Off the ropes…Bryan gets drilled to the mat for a two count. The Nexus teams on Bryan and once the mess clears up, Slater gets the tag. Bryan evades a corner charge. Husky takes the Miz off the apron for no reason and he eats an enzugiri for his troubles. Orton and Barrett are in and Orton has the scoop slam. Hangman DDT connects and Orton waits for the RKO. Hesitation costs Orton the RKO. Wasteland attempt is countered by the 3.0 backbreaker! It breaks down again and Truth hits the front face slam. Gabriel hits a kick to the face. Henry in with the World’s Strongest Slam. Slater and Harris take out Henry. Bryan hits a double missile dropkick on Harris and Slater. Barrett goes for Wasteland again, but Orton counters with the 3.0 again. Otunga distracts away and the Miz takes and drills Orton with the Skull Crushing Finale. Barrett pins Orton for the win.

Winners: The Nexus
Grade: B

Barrett gets hoisted on the shoulders of the Nexus.

Show over.

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