Rumor: New Developments Rumbling On Oldboy Remake

While the long-rumored Steven Spielberg directed, Will Smith starring remake of Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy was said to be dead a few months back, Paijba claims development has picked up steam on a script for an American remake of the classic South Korean revenge drama.

Mandate Pictures is apparently keen on a new draft from writer Mark Protosevich and plans to solicit the script to both Steven Spielberg and Matthew Vaughan. Danny Boyle is said to be a top choice as well. While the project has been long-rumored to be an adaptation of the original manga instead of a direct remake of Chan-Wook’s film, it’ll be interesting to see how the Hollywood machine tackles some of the more disturbing aspects of the original film.

What do you think about an American version of Oldboy? Will it be a case of good ol’ fashioned Hollywood neutering or will we get something similar to Let Me In — a competent and entertaining (if maybe unnecessary) take on a much beloved foreign film.

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Source: Pajiba