10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 11.08.2011 feat. Team Orton vs Nexus with John Cena as Referee

Welcome to another eventful edition on 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw. Once again, this eventful column will be about a fairly uneventful show. Oh well, there is no reason not to cover it, right?

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1. Last week I blogged about how small aesthetic changes to the WWE Raw set could really help to make the product seem fresher. I’m reminded every time I see Raw in the UK how much those changes help.

2. A predictable, but it bad opening segment. John Cena reading for The Nexus introduction was entertaining. The rest of the segment was the normal stuff we would expect.

3. I’m getting fairly frustrated with one aspect of the build towards Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett. More often than not Michael Cole is saying “Will John Cena screw Randy Orton” instead of wondering if Wade Barrett will be able to beat Orton. It just doesn’t seem smart to say that Barrett will not be able to beat Orton on his own, especially if they do intend to put the championship on Barrett.

4. Why is The Hart Dynasty still taking tag matches if they are so unhappy with each other? I hope the build to this breakup results in a good and meaningful match and not just a throwaway match on Raw.

5. Goldust and Ted DiBiase’s feud just gets longer and more convoluted. I’d like to see both men used in a better way.

6. Having David Otunga be dominated in a match with John Cena does not give me hope that he will be eventually turned babyface. He has too much charisma to be put in the Darren Young category, so I don’t know what will happen to him if he should lose on Friday night.

7. I actually laughed during the Sheamus and Santino segment. It could have just been all the accents from the various foreign folks, but they were actually entertaining. Te match that followed was good. I’m surprised that John Morrision vs Sheamus has not been made official for Survivor Series yet.

8. It’s a good sign that the crowd got excited when Randy Orton and Wade Barrett were in the ring together. It could mean that this match will be more exciting than it was the first time around at Bragging Rights.

9. The Miz turn on Orton wasn’t too predictable to me, which is funny since he is a heel on a babyface team. It makes me excited for what could be a Miz vs Orton program after Survivor Series is done with.

10. Old school Raw using the old WWE Raw theme song makes me want to watch the show more than I did. If it is as fun as the video packages made it look, than it should be an enjoyable three hours next week.

That’s all for me this week! Make sure to check out my blog on retooling the WWE PPV schedule at itswilltime.wordpress.com.

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