Search for Dune Director Given Spring 2011 Deadline

Deadline is reporting that the rights holders for Dune, the Frank Herbert science fiction/fantasy novel, are giving Paramount Studios until 2011 to get the movie made or they will not be granting an option extension.

Dune, which has been the subject of a previous film adaptation by David Lynch and several SyFy Channel mini-series, has been in development at Paramount for the last several years with directors such as Peter Berg (Hancock, Friday Night Lights) and Pierre Morel (Taken) attempting to take a crack at the source material.

If Paramount does not put the film into active development within the year, the rights to the film will revert back to the Frank Herbert estate. At the moment, a draft of the script has been completed by Chase Palmer but no director is currently attached. While Morel is not attached to direct, he is still listed as an executive producer on the film.

This rush to meet option deadlines has already forced Sony to greenlight a Ghost Rider sequel and Warner Brothers to push a new Superman movie into production to avoid litigation that could change the copyright ownership for the character.

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Source: Deadline New York