Wednesday Comments – The Tucson Comic Con

Ok, so this is going to be a short column this week. It’s National Novel Writing Month and I’ve got a project going. I meant to get a few columns in the bag for just this occasion, but I was on vacation last week so I got zero writing done (also why there wasn’t a column last week.)

But the real reason why I’m writing this column, I mean other than my devotion to my loyal readers, it’s because while I was home last week I had the pleasure of attending the Third Annual Tucson Comic Con.

I’ve got to admit that I was skeptical about the idea of a Comic Con in Tucson. I’m a Tucsonan born and raised, but Tucson just doesn’t seem large enough to warrant it’s own Comic Con.

So when I stopped in on my “whenever I’m in town I visit” trip to Fantasy Comics and the owner told me about the Tucson Comic Con, I sort of rolled my eyes. I was in town on a mini family get together and I didn’t really want to split off to indulge my inner geek. But when he told me it was the “third annual” a bit of pity crept into my heart. I sort of had to support my hometown Comic Con, didn’t I?

Once I got home I got on the net and checked the Con out on their blog. It turned out that a) the Con was a one day affair b) it was from 10-7 and c) it was free.

That’s right; The Tucson Comic Con is a free event.

How could I, in good conscience, not support such an event?

So I went and I had a really good time. It was a quaint Comic Con, but it was full of energy. The emphasis seemed be on indie and local artists showing their stuff. In fact I think the only “name” there was John Layman of Chew fame. Other than that t was local shops and local creators, which was refreshing.

I attended one panel on Native American creators and characters. On the panel were Tribal Force creators Jon Proudstar and Ryan Huna Smith. Also on hand was Jacques La Grange creator of Shadow Wolf. It was a very informative panel about the Native creators giving voice to their own characters.

While the vendors weren’t plentiful, I did manage to score some good deals. I just wish I could find the time to read them.

While the Tucson Comic Con might not be the flashiest comic con around nor the biggest, I think that it’s probably got the most heart of any con that I’ve ever attended. This was truly an event for the fans and by the fans and I want to give everyone involved my wholehearted thanks for an amazing experience.

Next week I’ll be back with some more comic book-y goodness.