Inside Pulse Exclusive Survivor Elimination Interview: Marty Piombo

I’ve missed the past few Survivor castoff interviews due to work, a failed internet connection, and a ridiculous cold/flu, but today was a good day to make my comeback. I knew Marty would have a lot to say.

Like basically everyone ever, Marty said he had no regrets. Some people (myself included) thought he made an error when he gave Sash the idol. Nope, Marty said. He considered that move a success. “The result speaks for itself. I got everything I wanted out of giving him the idol.” He said giving Sash the idol bought him time without angering everyone, the way playing it would have. But, he never actually expected to get the idol back from Sash. He also doesn’t regret the comments he made about Jane during Tribal Council. “My putting the target on Jane’s back, I would never take that back. It achieved everything I wanted it to,” Marty said.

Marty said if he was able to do anything differently, he would have tried to create more of a bond with Holly. Early in the game she made some bad decisions (Dan’s shoes), Marty said, “but her game warmed up and she got much better and that is an in road where I could’ve wedged myself. She has high moral standards and is a loyal person and if I’d spent time with her and walked her through some scenarios, that could’ve become a good wedge into the Jane/Chase/NaOnka alliance.”

As far as Sash and Brenda go, Marty said he is “full of admiration” for them since they were two of the few people on the show actually playing the game. While Marty said “I think Fabio had his own brand of playing”, he didn’t see much strategy from Purple Kelly, Holly, Dan, Tyrone, Jimmy T. or Wendy. (And really, that’s just naming a few.)

Strategy aside, there were two people in Nicaragua who really did not like Marty – Jane and NaOnka. Marty described NaOnka as “a pretty destructive person, kind of in a childish way.” As far as her rant during Tribal Council goes, Marty says we didn’t even see it all. “She pretty much hated everything about me.” But she’ll stick around, because the remaining players will be thinking “This is a great ticking time bomb to take to the finals,” as Marty said. He says, though, he wouldn’t have chosen to bring her to the end. “I would have never brought weak or hateful or destructive players to the end,” he said. Then Marty explained that while he might have taken Dan, who most would argue is weak, Dan was a trustworthy and deserving player.

As for his other enemy in the game, Marty said “There was no hatred from me to Jane.” There was, however, an incident early on that colored Marty’s view when it came to Jane. “Within five minutes of the game starting, Jane came up to me and said ‘My husband just died, I need the money, please don’t vote me off.’ Personally, that turned me off towards Jane,” Marty said. “I’ve had more close, personal human tragedy in my life than Jane and Chase combined, but I would never bring that into the game and leverage it on a reality TV show. That, combined with the way that she chose Wendy Jo right away and Jimmy T. right away to align with, told me this person’s not thinking smart, she’s erratic, she’s not strategic.”

Now that he’s been voted off, Marty said he’s rooting for “people who were really smart in the game and people who were really genuine. I think you know who I’m talking about.” Well, we at least know who he’s not talking about.


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