RabbleCast #208 TNA Losing Talent, Undertaker Out for Surgery, Regal Retiring?

This week,  in news and rumors… We have the results from TNA’s recent PPV, Turning Point. What happened to Sabu? What’s going on with The Undertaker? Also, what long time TNA talent has left TNA? And that’s not all…

Also on this show:

  • TNA loses more than one talent
  • Will Undertaker make it back in time for WM
  • WSU PPV taping results(1st round of taped matches)
  • Willaim Regal announces his retirement

…and let’s not forget, Myke calling out one Mr. Matt Hardy. Will Matt Hardy accept the challenge from Myke? We’re asking our listeners to help us out, tell Matt by finding him at his twitter account: @MattHardyBrand

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