UFC Flyweight Division Coming Soon?

One of the unanswered questions coming out of the WEC-UFC merger is what the future holds for the often mention aspiration of WEC management to introduce a flyweight division. Speaking at a Q&A in Germany, UFC President Dana White reassured fans that the creation of a 125Ibs weight class is still on the agenda saying that “I believe we’ll add it a lot sooner than people think we will”.

This will be music to the ears of bantamweights Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson, who despite winning on Thursday night at WEC 52 have at times struggled due to giving up so much sized against bigger bantamweight fighters. Both have talked about being keen to compete in a flyweight division, with Johnson explaining on MMA Junkie Radio last night that “I walk around at about 140 or 142 (pounds)…But I really have to eat to keep that weight on. It’s a struggle. … I’d love to fight at flyweight”.

While it would undoubtedly be wise for the UFC to focus on ensuring the integration of the featherweight and bantamweight divisions is successful, I hope White is true to his word and that we will see the creation of a flyweight division in the near future. Not only is there the potential for the flyweights to produce some of the best quality fights in the entire sport but properly developed such a division opens up the possibility of discovering the type of world class competitors that has seen Asian boxing enjoy such succcess with strawweight and flyweight fighters.With highly regarded non-Zuffa fighters such as Jussier Da Silva struggling to find fights its clear that the potential of the 125Ibs division will only be unlocked with the full support of the world’s premier MMA organization.

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Source: MMA Junkie