10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown for 11.12.2010: Stereotypes, Snoozefests and Natalya.

1. Just in case you didn’t know that Smackdown was filmed in England this week by the MASSIVE Union Jack covering the entrance they also had a black cab and red telephone box – thanks for stereotyping us WWE. However, I can’t actually recall the last time I saw either of those on the streets, but five minutes ago I did spy a chav and a doner kebab which are quintessentially more British so next time WWE if you feel that you have to stereotype us at least use some up-to-date ones.

2. Reason 1042 on why I prefer Smackdown to RAW is the fact that their opening segments are a maximum of five minutes long and can get over the same amount of information that takes RAW 30 minutes.

3. Now normally, Alberto Del Rio always pulls out a stellar match but his bout against Kofi Kingston this week was a mega snoozefest. It had no depth, Kofi was his usual samey-self and the pairing just didn’t mesh well together. I hope this doesn’t start a feud between them but I have a feeling it will because they both have nobody else to go against *sigh.

4. The divas match on this week’s edition was unusually great. Natalya’s squats whilst holding up Layala in a hanging suplex were awesome!  But I have lost some of my love for Nattie Neidhart this week (get your tissues out – sob story approaching.)

So earlier on in the week I went to go see a Smackdown house show, I had read the results of the house shows prior to and they said Natalya was on them so I thought I would make her a poster. It took me aaages to do (A’s are really hard to cut out and she has 3 in her name) but in the end after all the hardwork I was really proud of my poster and couldn’t wait to hold it up when she came out.

When Chimel announced that the next match was a Diva’s match, up I stood waving my poster around like a madwomen when all of a sudden Kelly Kelly’s stupid theme came on! – ooooh I was pissed. I sat through the match (KK vs Layla – absolutely abysmal btw) thinking to myself oh at least this means she will be on RAW and will probably have had a good match against Michelle or somebody but no she did nothing of any significant importance so she could of easily wrestled on the house show and made me a happy girl.

But even though she broke my heart I still love her.

5. Why does Kane get to have frightening music played in the background whenever he talks? I want music playing in the background whenever I talk! However, mine would be less B horror movie-esque and more Disney Princess so it wouldn’t make as quite of a good impact when I’m shouting at people.

6. I thought the Lumberjack match was just for Smackdown Superstars so can somebody explain to me why Goldust, Primo and Tyson Kidd appeared from out of nowhere please. The match itself in layman’s terms was horrible. The only good thing in the whole match was watching Alberto Del Rio and MVP having an argument throughout, the rest of it was pure awful and I never ever want to see Otunga in a singles match again!

7. Eugh did anybody else spot Otunga’s major wedgie when he pinned Edge? – this is why wrestlers should wear tights instead of trunks (except for Cody and Drew of course – they should always wear tiny trunks.)

8. I went into the MVP/Dolph Ziggler match with no expectations at all thinking it would be boring as hell but to my surprise it was astonishingly good. They knew how to work with each other, had great chemistry and the ending was a total outrage (which I loved.) I know last week I really didn’t want to see these two enter a feud but now after this match I welcome one with open arms.

9. Who in WWE would think to put Big Show/Kane as the main event? I walked out after five minutes when I saw this match live at the house show the other day as it bored me to tears (plus I wanted to miss the traffic) so there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell that I would sit through this match again when I have a fast forward button in front of me. I’m guessing it was horribly slow and both wrestlers plodded their way through it. But if for some reason it was good please tell me and I might watch it on youtube if needs be.

10. Best match: Dolph Ziggler/MVP.
Worst match: Lumberjack match.
Best segment: It’s going to have to go to Cody Rhodes’ tooth promo – even if it did offend me a bit.

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