Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-8 Review

Hola my friends! Being two episodes away from the mid-season finale, things are starting to get intense. The eighth episode of the seventh season decides to adapt the theme of thanksgiving. Does it work?

Spoiler-free zone:

While I wish they had the thanksgiving theme more dominant (like they did with the Halloween episode), the episode manages to fast-forward most storylines and like I said above, everything seems to be building up to a big, big sweeps episode.

Spoiler zone:

Susan and Lynette shared some thanksgiving goodness in this episode. I liked how this segment showcased the ensemble instead of just having the housewives doing their thing. All in all it was a great storyline. It matched the thanksgiving theme, Susan’s vulnerability was understandable and it had some funny moments. Personally, I would do the Lynette-treatment of letting a child cry itself to sleep, but both sides are reasonable. As far as the Tom and Renee thing, I think that until it’s clearly spelled out that they slept together, I won’t believe it. Their chemistry was pretty interesting and flirtatious though, so I’m eager to see the result.

Speaking of eagerness to see what happens next, Paul’s storyline intensified even more from last week. I’m liking Paul and Beth together. There is nothing like a crazy double-crossing woman married to a subtle and sinister murderer. I’m also liking Felicia’s recent involvement into all of this. Her performance was quite disturbing and scary at the end and I find it interesting how the three “villains” are starting to go against each other (rather than having team Paul and team Felicia like before). I think I’ve been clear on how much I love watching Beth evolve, so I’m not going to repeat myself.

Bree had a fun little thanksgiving-table storyline this week. As Keith’s parents struggled to not talk about their miserable lives, I thought that the storyline would head to a “Bree, the divorcée, experiences divorce as the third person”. Instead we found out about where Keith is taking his relationship with Bree. I’m assuming he will propose in the next episode and I really can’t predict what Bree’s answer is going to be. What I found more interesting, was Keith’s dad going all sleazy on her. Unfortunately, there is no “housewives” next week so we’ll have to wait two weeks for that…

Last but not least, Gaby’s story had some twists and turns in it. Having said that, I’m unsure about the path this “immigration” storyline will follow. It can go two ways, so I hope it won’t get very preachy to the audience.  However, I’m not too worried because “Desperate Housewives” is almost never preachy since the “Wisteria” world is mostly detached from ours. As far as the episode is concerned though, Gaby was the funny bitch she always is.

So, see you all in two weeks time! I hope you enjoyed the episode. FYI, I’m hearing that the sweeps episode is going to be good and it is written by Marc Cherry (the creator) himself. I’m getting more and more excited!