Rumor: Batman TV Series To Follow The Dark Knight Rises?

Take this rumor with an extreme grain of salt but Comic Book Movie is reporting that Warner Brothers is considering bringing Batman back to the small screen with a live action television show set in the world of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

The source, who seems more than a little fishy, claims that Warner Brothers will not rush to follow The Dark Knight Rises with another Batman film — especially if Christopher Nolan chooses not to return for a fourth film. Instead, they hope to bring the character to the small screen that would be very much influenced by Nolan’s cinematic vision.

The executive said to be shepherding this project is kept anonymous but is said to have worked on such shows as Two and a Half Men, ER, The West Wing and Friends.

The story goes as far as to claim that Warner Brothers is already planning ways to shoot episodes for a television show that would be at least three or four years away. Specifically, the site claims Warner Brothers has an idea to re-introduce The Joker and, in anticipation of high ratings, would keep the set in extreme security.

Since Christian Bale would be hard to lure to television, Warner Brothers is said to be eyeing Karl Urban to play Bruce Wayne.

Does anybody actually believe this story? While I would love to see a show as described by this “source,” the whole thing sounds too good to be true.

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Source: Comic Book Movie