Dexter – Episode 5-8 Recap

Season 5 of Dexter doesn’t have the usual serial killer Dexter chases. Instead, it’s an introspective look into Dexter vis-a-vis Lumen. While Dexter grapples with who he is and who he’s been for so many years, Lumen steps into his life, broken as she is, and more or less accepts who he is, knowing exactly who he is. Lumen digs around and realizes that Dexter is not a vigilante for her cause, but that he’s a killer who happens to be helping her. And at the same time, can Dexter change? Has he already changed?

As far as plot development goes, Dexter takes out Cole with Lumen watching and confirms that Shaw is guilty. The team of Dexter and Lumen continue to work well together. However, if previous season examples stand, something tragic will happen by the end of the season.

Liddy has photos of Dexter and Lumen loading the suitcases onto the boat, moving one step closer to the truth. At the same time, he continues pushing Quinn for money. Oh boy, will Quinn find out? And if so, Dexter has to get rid of him, right?

Deb is the character who’s consistently piled on. Nothing ever goes right for her and everything good she’s had in the five seasons, with the exception of Dexter, ends disastrously. Sadly, Dexter being her focal point isn’t positive either. This time, both LaGuerta and Manzon turn on bitch mode and pin the nightclub shooting on Deb. Batista says he’ll help her, but he’ll have to push LaGuerta for that to happen and he may be unwilling to go the distance.

As much as I dislike the non-Dexter material on the show, I can’t help but look look forward to the show now that Dexter, Lumen, and Liddy have reached the point of no return.

Score: 9.0/10