DR TNA: A TNA Driveby

Given that we are a few days removed from last Thursday’s iMPACT, a slightly different feel to the column seemed justified.  By now, most who have wanted to know what happened on Thursday have found those results.  As such, rather than dive into one or two topics, I am going to touch on several that I have found interesting as of late.  Unfortunately, I’m going to be out this week, so your prescription in my absence is to consider these thoughts and kick in any other thoughts you feel appropriate for us to consider as we watch the next couple episodes.

Without further ado:

  • Matt Morgan is a legit top tier face at TNA.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that to sound like I am as shocked as it likely does.  I am surprised.  I have to admit that.  It is not as if I didn’t think he had the physical tools.  There was never a question in that regard.  I simply had not seen him produce enough of a fan reaction, to really consider him in that Main Event category.  However, he has certainly shown himself to be that guy during Mr. Anderson’s absence.  Anderson’s injury has been a blow to TNA for many reasons, but could Morgan’s emergence be one positive that it has produced?
  • There is both good and bad news when it comes to the Jersey Shore knockoff duo.  The good news is the guy, Robbie E, is actually a pretty decent wrestler.  The bad news he has one of the worst characters of all time.  These two are virtually unwatchable their current roles.  They are so bad that they make me not want to watch a Jay Lethal segment, who I consider one of the bright young stars in TNA.  How can we make this stop?
  • WTF is with the 3D angle that TNA is working??  I have to assume that now Brother Devon and Brother Ray will be feuding.  Also, I have to assume that the retirement angle was a work, at least from the stand point of them not wrestling at all.  However, it’s not often you get a “huh?” reaction from a crowd and when it happens, it is never a good thing.  That’s what I saw Thursday night.  Not boos, not cheers, but silence and confusion.  Not good.
  • You can’t see it, but I’m giving TNA a standing ovation for the group of RVD, the Pope, Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan that responded to Immortal on Thursday.
  • Jeff Hardy’s new “Immortal World Title” is awful.  It’s bad.  It looks like some kid that has a fascination with comic books made it in art class.  I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone’s artistic taste here, but titles shouldn’t look like super hero belts.  They are meant to look like trophies around the waists of champions.  I get that Immortal is rebranding it.  Fine.  I don’t hate that idea, but why not make it look like a championship belt?
  • Speaking of Hardy, when does Matt Hardy’s no compete expire?
  • I know it is not fashionable to admit this, but I had to cheer a bit when Hogan’s music started up and he came out with the Hollywood Hogan black beard.  Am I the only one?  Be honest.
  • I did not like how I read the match between the Pope and Abyss went down at Turning Point.  If anyone saw this and would care to make an argument for it, I’m all ears, but it sounds rather gimmicky to me.   Abyss and Pope could be a great rivalry.  I’d rather it just get down to the two of them.
  • My final thought is a suggestion for a match at Final Resolution, coming up in December – RVD vs AJ Styles.  I realize this is not really going out on a limb, but these two put on such a great show.  Also, it fits with the Immortal-EV2.0 feud.  If not at Final Resolution, how about on an upcoming iMPACT, I mean AJ has the TV title, right?

With that, I shall sign off.  Enjoy iMPACT while I am away.  Hopefully we will have much to discuss upon my return.

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