10 Thoughts On… South Park Creme Fraiche Food Network Episode 14-14

10 Thoughts On… South Park Creme Fraiche Food Network Episode 14-14

Well, it’s been a short but sweet ride, but the second arc of season 14 of South Park has come to a close. How was the Food Network themed episode?

1. It’s a Food Network themed episode! As a Food Network junkie, this should be awesome.

2. For Randy Marsh, Food Network is like porn and makes him horny. He then stays up all night making the food he sees on the network.

3. They did a Terrence and Phillip mockery of the Progressive commercials with Flo. They conclude they should go to Geico instead. It’s like this episode was written for me!

4. When Sharon bans the Food Network by using Parental Controls, Randy locks himself in a room and calls the “Food Network Hotline” which is like 900 line for recipes.

5. Randy gets a job as the cafeteria chef, and replaces the kids’ pizza with a Lobster dish that he presents as “his take” on pizza.

6. They made a theme song and opening for Randy’s “show” called Cafeteria Fraiche. It showed clips of him preparing various foods, with a really cheesy song. A great song montage for the last episode.

7. Sharon’s Shake Weight is talking to her as she “works out” by shaking the weight in a, um, provacative way. It at times squirts water on her and gives her “cab fare”. So wrong.

8. They put Cartman on stilts and he does a Gordon Ramsey impersonation which includes referencing the Beef Wellington that’s always on the Hells Kitchen menu. When Randy comes in, he believes Cartman IS Ramsey.

9. Ramsey berates Randy as he cooks, but then suddenly Bobby Flay appears to issue a Throwdown challenge! Then other celebrity chefs parade in, including Paula Deen, Alton Brown and Jamie Oliver.

10. Shake Weight turned out to be a marriage counselor in disguise, and when she uses her “shaking” skills on Randy, he falls immediately to sleep and abandons the Throwdown.

Cartman: Well, hearing you bitch about your dad is so interesting Stan, I hope you do it the whole lunch period

Shake Weight: Now going to sleep mode.

Alton Brown: Giada DeLaurentis with her perky tats and gigantic head

A great finish to the season, probably my second favorite episode next to the Jersey Shore episode. The Shake Weight and Food Network stuff was awesome, and even the Progressive ad was really funny. It was an overtly sexual episode from start to finish, which might put off some, but overall laugh out loud funny. The sheer amount of references to Food programming they put into the episode makes me think they watch more than they’d like ..