America’s Next Top Model – Episode 15-11 Review

Only a few episodes left, Model watchers! That’s right, this haute couture season of ANTM is coming to a close. Do you have a favorite? The final four couldn’t have been more different. Chelsey pointed out to the other girls that back in Idaho there was not a lot of fashion going on – she had to seek it out for herself. A fair point, since Chelsey has been the only girl this season to even recognize the names of most designers and photographers, let alone get excited about them. Is knowledge of the fashion world required to be a model? Not necessarily, but I’m sure it helps.
Before the challenge Kayla couldn’t shut up about receiving the best photo, and Ann was worried about stepping up her game. Uh-oh…
Model Act
Have I mentioned how crazy Miss J looks this season? The weird forehead bun. The eyebrows. Totally wack. The girls were meeting with an acting coach this week, which meant a rough day for Ann. You may not have realized this, but she’s not exactly outgoing. The girls were then met ALT (who was rivaling Miss J for the wacky dress award) at Vogue Italia to meet with the Editor-in-Chief. Pretty important, considering the prize is a spread in that magazine.
Kayla chose to open her interview by saying it was her first time “doing all this modeling stuff”, which wasn’t great. She spoke a lot about her photos but not much about herself. Chelsey seemed much more confident, and the fact that she’s actually been pursuing modeling for a few years set her apart from the other girls. Ann’s interview wasn’t the mumbling awkward mess I expected, but it wasn’t great either. Jane was a little too shy, but she was just so damn cute with her side braid that I don’t see how anyone could avoid liking her.
Once again, Chelsey and Ann seemed to impress the most. They both did OK with the go-sees, and at this point I think they should be the final two. But Chelsey certainly performed the best in the interview, and she won the challenge. She and Kayla got to go see the original painting of The Last Supper with ALT. The painting was beautiful, I’m sure, but I was too distracted by ALT’s hat and poncho to notice. Chelsey and Kayla got to spend the night in a swanky hotel, but I was totally smitten with Ann and Jane’s cute going-on back at the house.
Fashion in Motion
Tyra was shooting the girls in a motion editorial, whatever that is. I think someone (*cough*Tyra*cough*) has Harry Potter and the living paintings on the brain. I was more interested in whatever was going on with Tyra’s blush, and the fact that two of the four girls would be eliminated at the next panel. Sheesh. In that case, why even bother showing any more of Jane?
The girls did a bunch of stuff, like wandering around looking confused but pretty, whispering their names in a creepy way, and whipping their hair back and forth. It was hard to tell which girls did well and which girls struggled…until they had to walk. Jane was stiff, Ann was stiffer, and the girls rushed from shoot to shoot so quickly it was impossible to tell who came out on top. With a double elimination pending, it made for a lot of suspense in the episode.
Double Cut
Without further ado, let’s talk about how the girls looked.
Chelsey, to me, is the strongest girl in the competition. I think her face is beautiful, she’s incredibly versatile, and she really knows her stuff. Plus she’s got a killer walk.
Jane was out of the running before we looked at her footage. I know she hasn’t measured up to the other girls, but I see a model when I look at that girl. Tyra couldn’t have said it better when she told the other judges that Jane has a million dollar face. Jane was never going to win, but I think she can have a career.
Ann! She wore a corset! Adorable! Ann’s footage was stunning, and for me that solidified her place in the final two…but she has got to work on that walk if she wants to win.
Kayla. I just don’t like her. I can see her being a model, I just can’t see her being a model that I would care for.
I thought the final two was an easy decision. Chelsey is the strongest and Ann is the most interesting. Done and done. Ann was called first (that totally should have gone to Chelsey), and then Chelsey was called. It was predictable, but it was also the only suitable outcome.
So which girl deserves to win? Ann has delivered the best photos. An unprecedented amount of best photos. But she has a lot of flaws. Her walk is terrible. She’s shy, and sometimes looks sloppy in person. And I won’t lie – while I love the girl’s eyes, I think the lower half of her face can come across weak. As for Chelsey, I think she has a strong, strong look. She comes across great in person. Her walk is fierce. Her photos are decent. But have we seen her before? Who deserves to win? And how weird was Tyra’s “directorial debut”?