Danny Doring Interview Reveals Why He and Roadkill Turned Down TNA’s ECW Reunion

ClubWWI.com has brought you controversial audio shows hosted by the likes of Paul Roma, Bull Buchanan, Orlando Jordan, and more. Now, ECW Original Danny Doring has joined James Guttman on the Insanity to host his own show – “Burn Your Gimmicks” – and he’s coming out swinging. The huge list of topics can be found at: http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/newsnotes/byg1.shtml.

Last week, Doring joined ClubWWI.com for a 54 minute interview that talked about many moments from his career. But James Guttman purposely held out on some topics for this week’s big 53 minute debut of Burn Your Gimmicks. The most asked about one? EV2. As a standout from ECW, someone who broke in through the grueling House of Hardcore training school, and the co-holder of the Tag Team Titles when the company went under, Danny seemed like a shoo-in for the group. When he never materialized in Total Nonstop Action’s Hardcore Justice, fans wondered why. So on the first BYG, James asked about it and Dastardly Danny answered:

“We were asked, Roadkill and I. Roadkill felt – and this is a shoot – people know that Roadkill broke his neck at the end of his WWE tenure down in OVW. He was medically cleared to wrestle. He is medically cleared to wrestle. He had no issues physically with wrestling on the pay per view. I feel that if you give me something to look forward, you give me a reason to train, I’ll be out there ready to wrestle circles around anybody if I have to. I was ready to go. Roadkill felt that he just didn’t want to do it. He didn’t feel right. He hadn’t been in the ring in how many years. He hadn’t trained in how many years. He didn’t really have the want or passion to do it and he was honest with me. (He said) ‘I don’t want to do it and this is why.’ I can’t have any ill will towards him for that. Most people will say ‘Oh. This guy screwed me.’ Well, if (TNA) don’t want to use me because they didn’t get to use us, that’s their problem. But considering he was upfront and said this is why I don’t want to do it, I respect that immensely and have no problem with him or not doing the show.”

Despite his desire to do the event and wrestle on the big reunion show, there is one thing that would have made Danny turn the show down had he been asked to come on board solo…

“It was way better than me coming out with a fake Roadkill. I know there was a fake Meanie. They didn’t offer that, but if that was something they wanted to do, I would have said no. That would have been me just trying to get a payday and stay relevant and selling out where I came from. If I’m not going to do it with Roadkill, I don’t want to do it with anyone else – in ECW anyway.”

One more major topic that has sparked some talk on ClubWWI.com is Danny’s discussion about outsiders in the ECW locker room. JG brought up the topic and Doring explained that he had no problem with people outside the company being backstage, but – by the same token – they shouldn’t have a problem with the way he carried himself back there, so to speak…

“I used to walk around naked and make people feel uncomfortable because I didn’t feel they should be back there. I would have conversations with them and scratch my nuts. They would look at me like I should go put on clothes or something. This is my home on the weekends. This is my locker room. This is where I spend most of my time. You’re in my kitchen. If you come over to my kitchen, I invited you over for breakfast, make you pancakes, and you don’t like me scratching my nuts – don’t come to my kitchen and eat my pancakes. Go to IHOP. Don’t look at me like there’s something wrong with me. That’s sort of an extreme example. I wouldn’t really scratch my nuts and make you pancakes, if anyone’s wondering. You’re in my home and if you don’t like the way we run things in our locker room. That’s basically what I’m trying to say. I’m not a big nut scratcher. I just like to make people feel uncomfortable who don’t belong there.”

Remember, Danny Doring’s “Burn Your Gimmicks” is just one of hundreds of audios you can hear on ClubWWI.com the moment you sign up – featuring over 250 of wrestling’s biggest names in uncut shoot interviews dating back to 2005, all available right now!

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