Review: Green Lantern #59 By Geoff Johns And Doug Mahnke

Green Lantern #59
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

One thing I will say about Green Lantern is that, whether you like Hal Jordan or not, the book is one of the most consistent ones on the shelf every month. The ongoing story about the Entities on Earth, with the hooded figure that is trying to capture them, and the representatives of each Corps trying to work together despite conflicting personalities and pasts is making for interesting reading each month. I mean, Johns easily could have come out of Blackest Night and had Hal just flying around hitting bad guys with construct boxing gloves, but instead we’ve got him working with various other Lantern’s in the search for the Entities. This issue happens to feature two of them, as Adara returns with its hopeful human host, and we also see the return of the Indigo Tribe as they find a home for their Entity, Proselyte.

The big story of this issue, well, aside from the Entities (which I’ll get back to) comes with the arrival of Barry “The Flash” Allen, and his informing Hal that Atrocitus blew up the buses full of prisoners. Despite that Hal has a working truce with the other various Lanterns, it wasn’t until this point that he realized the kind of presence that they had on Earth, as he’s been….busy. What with Larfleeze, and Carol becoming Queen of the Zamaron’s, Hal hasn’t really had a moment to breathe in a few issues. So I guess it’s only fitting that the first real chance you would imagine he gets, Barry showing up, turns into Hal having to explain all of his actions since Blackest Night, the fact that he’s working with more than a few murderers, and not only explain it, explain it to his cop friend. All the while standing next to a quickly forgotten Blue Entity in the body of a girl whose parents kinda want their daughter back.

We also bare witness to the return of the Indigo Tribe, and, thankfully, some explanations on just who they are and what their light does. Up until now we just knew they were all half naked, spoke in a weird language, and carried staffs instead of batteries. Now we know the kind of people to be recruited, what the rings do to a person, and that their Entity in possession looks pretty awesome. We also know that they are relatively single minded, and despite speaking of compassion, they are quick to go on the offensive against someone not willing to submit to what they want. I’m hoping they stick around for a few issues so that Johns can keep setting them up and giving us more about them. Infinitely more interesting than the Blue Lanterns.

There are actually three Entities in this issue, and each takes a human host, and I have to give credit to Proselyte for being the most awesome of the three. No love for Adara though, as little girl with a blue aura was kinda weak. Not going to spoil the third one, suffice to say, there is a spoiler thread I put up earlier about it.

Mahnke continues his good work with yet another great looking issue. The Indigo Tribe is relatively creepy looking, especially their Entity. I expect a lot more out of him next issue, however, as there are promises of big fight time. This issue was primarily talk, so while there were a lot of characters on panel, there wasn’t the worlds most action.

Another month, another great issue of Green Lantern. Part of me is honestly getting a little scared that sooner than later it will hit what I call the “Captain America point”, where I know the book is good, and I don’t not like it, but I just don’t care anymore. I don’t want that to happen with Green Lantern, and I really hope it doesn’t happen before War of the Green Lanterns. It was a fine issue that did a good job explaining some things left open since the conclusion of Blackest Night, and while there are still many more questions, at least now we’re finally getting them about the Indigo Tribe. And maybe next month we’ll know just who exactly is hunting down and capturing these Entities.



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