Community – Episode 2-9 Review

Week after week, Community stretches the possibilities of what can happen on the show that’s still within the realm of a community college. This week, it tackled a conspiracy with “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design,” an episode about as odd as the Abed as Jesus episode but a funny one nonetheless.

After Jeff creates a fake class and fake professor, the fake professor shows up to confirm Jeff’s story to the dean. Jeff and Annie, obviously confused, dig deeper and  come across the fake professor, only a drama professor, and the night school which never existed. In a truly bizarre conspiracy scene, everyone shoots each other with prop guns before No one’s entire sure what’s going on, but apparently it’s all a big scene shot by the drama professor.

The episode focuses on Jeff and Annie for the purposes of creating an eerie conspiracy feel with the other characters out of the loop, so the other characters aside from Abed and Troy don’t really do much. The conspiracy itself is done very well with each twist and turn punctuated by humor. I don’t know how Community keeps doing it every week, but bravo.

Score: 9.0/10

  • Whoever came up with the giant blanket fort is brilliant. It became more of a blanket city than fort with all the things going on in there. I would have loved to be there, crawling along the hallway inside the fort with all these different compartments.
  • The Mentalist is always attacked by Psych and now Community. Haha 


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