The Office – Episode 7-9 Review

Ryan hasn’t been a major player for so long that I’ve written him off in the back of my mind. You can pretty much expect what he does every week. He’ll say a few douchebag comments and go off to the corner. He doesn’t contribute to the plot and is, in my opinion, a completely useless character.

“”, however, shows that Ryan douchebagginess can be turned into a fully functioning plot. This time, he solicits funding from the company but quickly runs the site into the ground (because who would want to use it?). An opening arises when Washington University wants to buy the domain name, but Ryan still has delusions of the site succeeding. In the end, when everyone goes to Michael, he makes a fateful decision, leaving it up to Ryan, knowing that Ryan is a scummy person. And his trust well-placed as Ryan sells his site, and will probably fade back to the background.

As far as the subplots go, they weren’t that funny. Jim, after reaching the commission cap, decides to goof off which didn’t garner as many laughs from me as I expected. Likewise, Angela’s continued antics, with Jack Coleman, was only a slight shift from what she usually does with Dwight and was flat as well.

Score: 8.6/10