Pulse Wrestling Report: Smackdown 11.19.2010 — Team Mysterio vs Team del Rio, Edge, Kane

Time for another Friday Night Smackdown! We kick it off with an epic Kane video package, hyping up the match this Sunday.

I know I complain about the music every week, but am I alone? What do you guys think?

Looks like Alberto is first out, dressed for talking. I can’t believe I disliked him when he first emerged. I’ve completely jumped on the bandwagon. And he’s looking awfully sharp, might I add. He chats about the Survivor Series match, promising to inflict pain on Team Mysterio. MVP makes his way out, and the two bicker back in forth regarding the legends that del Rio has disrespected. MVP wants to fight del Rio, but he refuses as he’s already been booked against Mysterio, so he brings out Drew McIntyre from Team Del Rio to face him.

They stare each other down, bell rings, and off we go. The fight moves outside of the ring right quick, with hard-hitting spots being immediately traded before…


Come back and they’re still going back and forth, Drew working on MVP’s left arm. All the outside mayhem only earns Drew a two-count once back in, and he once again goes after the arm. Drew eats a boot, as MVP starts to rally. Ballin’ connects, but Drew regains control, backing MVP into a corner, Once the ref separates them, MVP lands a solid kick to Drew’s head for the victory.

Grade: B-
Solid opening match. These two looked great, they brought different elements to the game and were riveting throughout most of it.

Edge backstage, talking about Kane to…Paul Bearer, still tied up. Edge is much more interesting on Smackdown. Wait, spoke too soon. After a strange “drag race” on wheelchairs, Edge continues to invade Bearer’s personal space, and we cut to…


And we’re back! Teddy Long is chatting with Chavo about his return to the Smackdown ring, but Kane interrupts, huffing and puffing. He demands to know where Bearer is. The cameraman appears to be having a stroke as it shakes from side to side, attempting to capture everything.

Chris Masters gets to enter now. Glad to see him utilized, for real. Swagger next, sans mascot.

Here we go. Masters in immediate control, tossing Swagger around, but Swagger strikes with his amateur style. Masters throws a Samoan Drop that looks like it hurt him more than Swagger, continues to hit the hard spots. Masterlock, Swagger manages to break it up by somehow maneuvering over the rope. Foreshadowing what’s to come, he works on Masters’s left leg, and then locks in the Ankle Lock, where Masters taps.

Grade: C
Wow. I really enjoyed this. They had excellent chemistry, and kept it interesting without doing a whole lot in particular. Jack looked incredible tonight, and Masters impressed as usual. Seeing as how these two have vicious submission holds in their arsenal, I’d like to see this turn into a feud.

Edge and Bearer again. Edge has an idea! He busts out a soccer ball, and begins a game of dodgeball. Hm.


Either my phone is ringing, or Kaval is entering. Dolph enters next, with a mic, and Vickie. In a matchup that is damn near as good as Ziggler/Bryan was, let’s see what these two can do.

Dolph charges, backing Kaval into a corner. Michael Cole’s transferred hatred for Daniel Bryan echoes over Kaval getting sent into the ring post, but he builds momentum. Attempted Zig Zag, misses, both roll back and forth, trying to pin. Kaval rolls Dolph into one of the most interesting pins I’ve ever seen, and it’s over.

Grade: C-
By all means, this match was excellent. But it was so short! For someone who just beat Mark Henry fair and square on Monday, I think this should have been a little more of a battle, that way both men would come out looking good. But I can’t complain.  

Kaval mocks Dolph from atop the announce table, then announces he’s using his title shot from winning NXT on Sunday for the Intercontinental Championship. Now THERE’S a match I look forward to.


Edge again. Whatever these segments are trying to accomplish, they’re not. It’s almost too ridiculous.

Kofi Kingston. Cody Rhodes. And, go.

Slow start. Kofi lands a smack on that dashing face, and Cody rolls out, losing his mind. In a nice touch, he grabs his jacket to check the mirror fastened on the back, checks his face, and we go to…


Cody is exacting his revenge for assaulting his money-maker, but Kofi is getting fired up. Action halts, as they break it down a little, but Cody gets launched by Kofi. Once again, he rolls out to collect himself. This allows Kofi to attack, sending him into the announce table, and bringing it back inside the ring. Cody wraps Kofi around the ring post and pulls, rolls back in for a two-count. Kofi landing some punches, to the top rope, crossbody for two. Boom Drop, goes for Trouble in Paradise, misses. Cody goes for Beautiful Disaster, misses. Crossroads, and it’s over.

Grade: B
Very interesting pairing. There was more than just wrestling, as Cody played up his Dashing gimmick. There was so much back in forth, both men got equal chances to shine. Very, very impressive. Could be the match of the night.

Kane backstage, still making squinty faces of anger, venting about Bearer to a very frightened…Rosa? Is that her? Who cares.


Raw Rebound, showing Mae Young’s interaction with LayCool…easily one of the best moments of Raw.

Natalya and Kelly Kelly enter. LayCool already in the ring.

Kelly already resorting to one of the few moves she knows, and tags in Nattie. Michelle tagged in. Immediate offense from Nattie, getting the upper hand on Michelle. Layla tags back in, both women throw their boots in Nattie’s face for…three.

Grade: F
You have three of the only talented wrestlers in the WWE (and Kelly Kelly), who are the only real contenders for the belts, and it’s cut short. I don’t want to fastforward when they’re on the screen, so let them have it out! With Layla’s submissions and Nattie’s incredible strength, I would have loved to see this go on. The only good part was Kelly’s limited interaction.

Edge. Again. Dabbing breadsticks on Paul’s head. And marinara sauce. And brownies. And wings. And pizza. Yes, this is really happening.

Big Show walking backstage.


Kane is absolutely losing his mind backstage, bellowing and grunting. And now, crying. Check, please!

Big Show out, Tyler Reks out. Side note: I love Reks’s song. Think that’ll be my next ring tone.

Few punches from Tyler, Show wraps his giant hand around his throat, but Reks works diligently to knock Big Show on the ground, successfully. Goes for a kick, caught by Show, who holds on to it and takes control. Chokeslam, it’s over.

Grade: F+
Tyler Reks was making the Big Show watchable before they cut it short. Oh well. I’ve already forgotten.

Josh Mathews is interviewing Alberto. Not a lot was said so…


An extra special glimpse into Cena’s life. Yawn. Where’s my remote…

Edge in the parking lot. Loaded into a van, and we cut backstage. Where the Dudebuster that wasn’t fired is chatting with…okay, someone tell me who the beautiful tattooed man he was just talking to is, NOW. Kane barges down the hallway, looking for Paul. He finds him in the van, Edge is MIA. He appears on top of the van, knocking Kane down, and attacks. He drives off, Bearer in tow, and Kane is left alone.Well, at least all of this ended on a high note.


Alberto del Rio, first. Rey Mysterio, next.

Solid kick lands on Mysterio right off the bat, Rey gets the upper hand quickly. They trade offense for a bit, another kick, this time on del Rio, 619 position, but Alberto rolls out. Team Del Rio files out, and they jump, forcing a disqualification.

Grade: N/A

All five men pounce on Rey, and here comes Team Mysterio. An all out brawl ensues. Teddy Long’s music cues up, which can only mean…a ten-man battle royale. Gasp!


Come back, and the bell rings.

Cody Rhodes eliminated.
Chris Masters eliminated.
Tyler Reks eliminated.
Kofi Kingston eliminated.
MVP eliminated.
Drew McIntyre eliminated.
Alberto del Rio eliminated.
Jack Swagger eliminated.

It boiled down to Swagger, Mysterio, and Show. Swagger locked in the Ankle Lock as part of the final three, only to eat a boot from Show, putting him in 619 position. It connects, and he’s tossed out for Team Mysterio’s victory.

Grade: C-
A very rushed battle royale, but hell. I love these kinds of matches.

Alberto incensed by the loss, and Mysterio celebrates in the ring with Show.

Credits roll.

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