10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 11.22.2010 feat. Miz Winning WWE Championship

Welcome to another ten thoughts ladies and gentlemen. This was an exciting and eventful Raw and that I’m excited to be writing about. Make sure to check out itswilltime.wordpress.com this week to see blogs on Miz’s upcoming championship reign and a comparison of Old School Raw and Survivor Series.

Now on with the AWESOME thoughts!

1. Fun opening promo that sets up a huge match for tonight. I feel bad for the people who payed to see Barrett vs Orton last night, but this rematch actually makes a lot of sense.

2. I’m so excited to see CM Punk on the Raw broadcast team. He can add a certain legitimacy to a broadcast team that is sorely lacking in it.

3. So, R-Truth is no longer getting crunk, but he still sucks at rapping. That means his act still bothers me. Slight improvement on the song, but overall just not great.

4. Sheamus is a strong contender for King of the Ring. He is already established, but it would add to the legacy of KotR (aside from Billy Gunn and Ken Shamrock).

5. I would love to see Miz as the King of the Ring, but does Mr Money in the Bank actually need it? It was a good choice to keep him out of the match with Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson won’t be KotR, but he should look impressive in the tournament next week.

6. John Cena forcing tears was actually pretty awkward television. The rest of the promo was alright, the goodbye was well done, but if he comes back in a week, it will belittle the Shawn Michaels goodbye which is something that needs to be preserved.

7. The short version of Daniel Bryan vs Ted DiBiase is considerably less impressive than their match last night. With two Survivor Series rematches on the show tonight, is WWE trying to go the TNA route of catching people up after the show they didn’t watch?

8. It’s a little bit sad the Tyson Kidd’s heel run now begins with a clean loss to John Morrison. It was the right choice with this match, but Morrison should not have been fighting Kidd since both of them need wins.

9. I’m sad to see Cena interfere to help Orton beat Barrett. It already lessened his goodbye just a little bit,

10. AWESOME!! I jumped off my couch like an eight year old when The Miz’s music hit tonight.

BONUS THOUGHTS (because there is no way I’m letting this go unwritten)

11. Orton was actually in better shape than anyone who has had MITB cashed in on them has ever been (aside from the RVD vs John Cena match at One Night Stand ’06).

12. I can’t be the only one who got nervous about Orton lasting as long as he did in this match. When he went for the RKO, I thought we would see the first unsuccessful cash in.

13. Speaking of that, I believe that there is a story to be told in an unsuccessful cash in and the road to a legit championship shot. I’d love to see that story told, but not tonight.

14. Seeing Miz hit that Skull Crushing Finale was truly a moment of history being made.

15. The Miz’s tearful championship celebration was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. If you want to know how to make the championship mean something, replay that moment and let The Miz cut a real promo about how much that meant to him.

That’s all for tonight folks! Tomorrow I plan to be back with a couple blogs. One will compare WWE Old School Raw and Survivor Series and the other will be about The Miz and his upcoming championship reign.

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