10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown for 11.19.2010: New Catchphrases, Feuds and Not So New Matches.

1. “My name is Alberto Del Rio but you already know that” – i’ve only just noticed that Alberto has turned that little awesome line into his slogan, more Superstars need to have catchphrases. Yes we have The Miz with his ‘because I’m The Miz and I’m awesome” – but that’s has got incredibly stale now and I find myself cringing whenever he starts to say it and Vickie has her whole ‘excuse me’ skit which I’ve got to admit I do love and as soon as she says it the boo’s flood the whole arena. But what catchphrases could other wrestlers in the WWE have? Please leave a comment if you can think of any witty or funny ones.

2. Surely the duct tape would have waxed off Paul Bearers moustache when Edge ripped it from off his mouth? I really don’t like the way Edge is treating Paul Bearer on this edition of Smackdown – its plain horrible to see an old man get treated like this, it’s anti-bullying week as well! – not a good message to send out to the kids WWE.

3. I expected a lot more from Drew McIntyre and MVP in the opening match. Seeing as the pairing are two of Smackdown’s biggest up and coming stars and both could easily one day hit the main event it was really disappointing to see them put on such a poor match especially when we all know both of them can do a lot better. However, it was great to see MVP bring back his old Drive-By kick  finisher – let’s hope he keeps with this one instead of his boring ballin’ shaboodle that he does.

4. The Chris Masters/Jack Swagger match was excellent and the way Swagger got himself out of the once deadly Masterlock was genius! I really want to see more of these two together in the future as I believe they will be able to carry off a great feud. My only grudge with the match was that it should have been at least 5 minutes longer.

5. Why does Kaval have to cash in his NXT Championship prize to go for the Intercontinental championship? He has won a title shot by beating the champion anyways so it seems a bit of a waste for him to use his NXT shot when he would have got a championship match anyways – it makes sense in my head.

6. The Kofi Kingston/’Dashing’ Cody Rhodes match was fantastic – it’s clear that these two have now found their ideal opponent in each other and when they compete it brings out the best in them. The whole slap spot was great and Cody sure as hell lives up to his dashing nature by checking himself out in his mirror to see if his beautiful face was still okay – why it took him so long to do such a thing beats me though.

7. I have just seen Rosa Mendes backstage so why can’t they have her wrestle rather than seeing Kelly Kelly and Natalya team up against Laycool AGAIN for what feels like the millionth time within the space of a few months. The only thing I remember from this whole blink and you will miss it match was Matt Striker calling Natalya by her real name of Nattie which I think was pretty stupid – he wouldn’t call The Undertaker Mark during a match would he?

8. Oh well that’s good isn’t it? – Build up Tyler Reks to be a dominant powerhouse force over the last few weeks but then have him completely squashed by Big Show in under 90 seconds *sigh.*

9. Now normally I love me a Battle Royal – anything with over 4 wrestlers in one match I get excited over and this Main Event had all my favourite superstars in it as well so when Teddy announced the battle royal I nearly wet myself (well not really but you know what I mean) but after a minute I soon lost interest and found myself bored – perhaps it was the loss of Cody Rhodes? – it was really disappointing to see such a high calibre of stars not able to pull off an entertaining match. I only hope they pull themselves together for Survivor Series.

10. Best Match: Cody/Kofi.
Worst Match:
Big Show/Tyler Reks.
Best Segment: The opening between Alberto and MVP as it made me see MVP through different eyes and now I like him – just a tiny bit though.

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