10 Thoughts on WWE Survivor Series 2010 fear John Cena Fired!

Welcome to more thoughts from me today. If you read my Sunday’s Random Thoughts today, then you are reading my stuff faithfully and I appreciate you. As for tonight’s show, I have to admit that I may not be a big fan, but I will think my heart out for you. Make sure to check out itswilltime.wordpress.com for more thoughts on this show!

Now on with the thoughts!

1. The streak continues! Daniel Bryan has another really good opening match on PPV. WWE should be thankful to have him in this slot, working in a role similar to Cruiserweights in WCW. Have a good opening match and bring the athleticism.

2. The Miz cutting awesome promos on PPV is good. The Miz having great matches on PPV would be better, I’m happy to see Miz getting time on the show, but feel his character would be built better from bell to bell and not via PPV promos.

3. I’m very surprised to see Sheamus putting over John Morrison. It really shows how far Sheamus has come in the last year. He went from being a rookie that seemed over pushed to a legitimate main eventer with the ability to elevate a not so main event star.

4. I hope that the result of tonight’s WWE Championship match do not change R-Truth’s current character. Aside from the singing to the ring and weak offense, I like the almost heel character that he is playing. A full turn could be fun.

5. Kaval did not have a bad showing on PPV, but I don’t think it bodes well for him that the crowd was not into his match. Hopefully Kaval will rebound from here and possibly have a program with Dolph Ziggler.

6. I’m bummed to see that MVP was the first man eliminated tonight. He’s been doing some pretty good work lately and seems yet again on the verge of another breakout.

7. The elimination match was fun, but nothing special. I didn’t love the way they eliminated Alberto Del Rio, but I don’t know how else they would have done so.

8. Natalya’s victory seemed like the biggest woman’s wrestling moment of this year. It wasn’t a big moment overall, but it was the best we can hope for in the Diva’s division,

9. The Edge and Kane non-finish was awful. I don’t want to see Kane in another PPV main event. Next month at TLC we should have a fun match for Edge, but I feel it may be dragged down by Paul Bearer silliness.

10. It actually amazes me how over Santino’s Cobra is.

Bonus Thoughts!

11. So John Cena is now fired. I appreciate the time they gave him at the end of the main event to let the message sink in, but I also feel that not enough of a big deal was made about Randy Orton successfully defending the championship. That should be the biggest story coming out of this show.

12. Will we see John Cena on Raw tomorrow night? I feel it was a bit of a letdown that we didn’t get the big “You’re fired” moment on PPV tonight. Why did WWE decide to reward TV viewers instead of the people actually paying for the show?

13. How does WWE move forward with this angle? Will we see John Cena come in under a Mr America like mask? Will the mystery GM allow the top superstar on his brand to be fired by another superstar? Does that make any sense?

That’s all for me tonight folks. This was not a good PPV. There were some solid matches, but overall it wasn’t worth the money. It looked like it would be the most eventful show since Wrestlemania, but it turned out to be just another WWE show.

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