10 Thoughts Review on Justice Society of America 45 by Marc Guggenheim and Scott Kolins

Justice Society of America #45

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Scott Kolins

1. Scythe has been taken out by the JSA, but now they must deal with the aftermath of his assault: a destroyed city and severely wounded Alan Scott.

2. Apparently doing Black Ops during World War 2, Alan Scott and Jay Garrick came to blows over whether to complete a mission and kill a baby. Jay wanted to kill the baby; Alan didn’t let him. That baby grew up to be Scythe.

3. Killing a baby is entirely out of character for Jay Garrick and this is terrible characterization, as is retroactively inserting the JSA covertly into World War 2.

4. So, because the heroes didn’t kill a baby 70-years-ago, they’re responsible for the baby’s actions as an adult. If the baby grew up to be Superman, would they be equally responsible?

5. Jay helping with cleanup for once does make sense though. His speed would make everything go a lot more quickly.

6. When a JSA member is hurt, why don’t they just immediately send Dr. Mid-Nite? He’s the expert on their physiologies and lives should be lost by waiting to get proper medical help.

7. This is standard DC house art for the most part, which isn’t actually bad.

8. Carting out Superman for cleanup and to be an example is ridiculous. This is the JSA- they both pre-date Superman and should know better on their own.

9. Why is the senator from the Unamerican Activities Board still active? Wasn’t that in the 1950s?

10. Rating: 3/10. Poor characterization fits in fine with an underwhelming plot. You can’t do the learning about the responsibility that comes with great power story with the older members of the JSA who have been active since World War 2.

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