House – Episode 7-8 Review

“Small Sacrifices” can be divided completely in half. There’s House vs. God, a battle we’ve seen many times before and know who’ll come up on top. And there’s everyone’s relationship problems, which happens right in the middle of the episode.

The episode begins with a grisly scene of a guy getting crucified, before House dives in, bashing the guy’s religious beliefs as he usual does. Fitting with this season’s theme of lying and more lying, House lies to get the guy to accept treatment, and it works.

All the relationship is piled up into one episode with more lies. Wilson thinks Sam lied to get some patients treatment, but she insists she didn’t and leaves. Chase is now a sex-fiend and he ditches Foreman. Taub’s wife is emotionally cheating on Taub with a guy she met in a unfaithful spouse group, and refuses to stop, leverage Taub’s previous indiscretions against him. House finally tells Cuddy he’ll stop lying to her, but that’s just another lie. Another episode of House, another set of relationship issues, and most the characters are as expendable as ever.

Score: 8.3/10


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