Stargate Universe – Episode 2-9 Review

This is unprecedented–three good episodes in a row! The biggest difference between the latest batch of episodes and the first season plus is that there are real consequences and not resets amidst dreary melodrama. Without any doubt, Chloe is turning into a blue alien and is locked up. What’s more, Greer assures her he’ll kill her when the time comes. Now I know Chloe won’t be killed in the end, but still, this is the furthest we’ve seen a character biologically altered without turning back, so her farewell speeches to everyone ring true.

The main plot of “Visitation” continues down the path that there are mystic forces involved, somehow altering the fabric of the universe. When Kaine and the rest of the people miraculously return, it looks as though God’s hand is at work. The crew, however, views the situation skeptically wondering whether this is a ploy by aliens. Soon, they learn the truth through hypnosis and various people dying. Everyone on the planet had died and are returned as mere reanimations of what they were, nothing more.

I like the focus on TJ who faces the harsh truth that her baby isn’t on the planet or is dead. But Kaine’s final words to her bears much significance. For the good of those that died, the survivors must push on and do what Destiny was meant to do.

“Visitation” brings up several interesting questions. If TJ’s baby was not on the planet and on the ship, where is it? Could God have sent these imperfect people back to Destiny, or was it aliens? If it was aliens, for what purpose?

Score: 8.7/10