Wednesday Morning Backlash: The Miz-termind of Nexus, or a WWE Conspiracy theory with John Cena, the Miz, Nexus, Randy Orton and Michael Cole

Michael Cole came into the WWE as a B-level interviewer. In doing so he was hazed and mocked constantly, but ever the good company man, promotions came, although the fans would never come to respect his contributions to the company, regardless of how trusted he was. He would never be Jim Ross.

The Miz came into the WWE through reality television, then as a B-Level interviewer, and finally, as a comedy jobber. At every level he was hazed and mocked, told he’d never make it. Even when he finally was good enough to hold his own in the ring and on the mic, he was still never quite considered good enough. Even when he finally put in a ton of work, being a great company man, and doing tons of publicity, he would never be John Cena.

Meanwhile, we have NXT Season 1’s rookies. Originally booked as a reality show (the Miz showed them how much respect that would get them, that never really panned out at all. They were quickly shunted aside and buried, each member of the group humiliated and hazed in various ways. When one finally won, the others were forgotten, and that one was ignored.

And here my speculation begins.

Eventually, the good company man, the announcer was given a promotion similar to his predecessor. He’d never be head of talent like Jim Ross, but he could surely be Raw GM, especially anonymously. And in doing so he found a kindred spirit.

The reality star wrestler earned a Money in the Bank. Although he’d never been the golden child and chosen one like John Cena, still, he could manage to get the title, when the timing was right. Heck, he even brought his NXT Season 2 rookie along for the ride.

And how did both men finally get sick of waiting and make the timing right for themselves? They turned the NXT Season 1 rookies into Nexus. We spent so long looking for a mastermind early on that when one didn’t reveal itself, we all just forgot and assumed it was Barrett all along. Maybe the mastermind is more an ally than a controller. Maybe they all worked together for mutual benefit.

Without Nexus’ assaults, there wouldn’t be a Mystery GM (Cole, who despite the IWC’s constant protests, has pulled off being a heel play-by-play man fine. The fans hated him anyway, so let’s not pretend there’s some huge difference now). So Nexus was partially responsible for Cole’s rise to power. After all, how did he escape that first night anyway?

Without Nexus assaults and distractions, Miz would have found it far harder to cash in Money in the Bank. Also, he’d have John Cena, the man who has thus far owned him, in his way. Nexus eliminated Cena and hurt Randy Orton, clearing Miz’s path to the title. I wonder why he took so long to decide if he wanted to be on Team Raw at Summerslam?

Meanwhile, the Nexus have gone from a bunch of rookies to what is arguably the most important stable in WWE history. At worst, they are top three with D-X and The Heenan Family. They wreaked havoc on the show, escaped their rookie stigmas, and destroyed the symbol of all they could never be- John Cena. All with a little push from their Miz-termind and the Computerized Michael Cole.

Tomorrow, Jake Ziegler and how I expect things to go if I’m right.

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