10 Thoughts on Superstars 11.25.2010 — Santino Marella, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins

1. Night of the rematches. Hey, I’m okay with it, as long as they don’t bring back the full recaps they did for a hot minute. I’d rather watch a live contest instead of a replay.

2. I’m curious to know why they kept Trent Baretta, but booted Caylen Croft. They kind of seem like a package deal, and my distaste for them aside, it’s odd to see only one survive. Though I must admit, I like what he does against Curt Hawkins.

3. Very, very awkward landing by Hawkins after a hurricanrana…was a close call once he landed on his head…but what a spot towards the end from Hawkins!

4. Well, I missed Raw again this week, due to the end being spoiled for me and starting a new job, but I’m pretty sure I would have fast-forwarded Cena’s goodbye. And I do believe, I’ll do the same now. Wait, are those tears? And the Oscar goes to…

5. Oddly enough, I was surprisingly pleased by Primo and Santino’s interaction. It was more than a comedy piece, for a minute.

6. I miss Zack’s half and half pants.

7. Santino and Kozlov really work well as a tag team, as strange as it sounds. But I wish it was more focused on them as a team, not just Santino’s shenanigans. And I’m glad to see Zack Ryder in a real match; he’s one of my favorites to watch.

8. The season finale is upon us for NXThree? Thank god. Let’s go, Kaitlyn.

9. The recap of the Miz’s cash-in was excellently done. A certain person in my life spoiled the cash-in for me, as I was working that night and he decided to text me about the new champ, so it would have been MUCH better as a surprise, considering I love when those briefcases are cashed. Regardless, congratualtions to The Miz!

10. Mark Henry’s strength is absolutely impressive, but come on. He can barely move in the ring, and looks ridiculous doing the simplest of maneuvers.

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