10 Thoughts Review on Detective Comics 871 by Scott Snyder and Jock

1. Batman (Dick Grayson) is examining murders that are taking place using the technology and methodology of some of Gotham’s criminally insane villains- a great idea that I’m surprised hasn’t been done.

2. Snyder’s Batman is clearly Dick Grayson, but he’s the first writer to do a story so well that this could be the kind of story Bruce appears in (it’s Gotham insanity after all) with the only real upheaval being some minor changes in the way the characters handle themselves and the internal monologue.

3. Thematically tying in how this book is about Gotham as much as the new villain and adding that to the circus of Dick’s background without including a real circus is really done flawlessly and made to look far less clever than it is.

4. The art here is off the hook unreal and perfect. This is the best Detective Comics since the start of Paul Dini’s run and is really reminiscent of that work, except this is done in multiple parts rather than one and done stories.

5. The Dealer is a cool concept. There are all these ideas that help crimes around in Gotham, so why wouldn’t someone sell them?

6. The idea, Tim’s, for a crime lab to help Gotham PD, is equally good. Gordon being the only one willing to use it fits well, for now, especially since I fully expect someone to blow it up.

7. Snyder has a great handle on Gordon int he main story and he’s on voice with the character in the backup, but that feels less clearly plotted, like Snyder isn’t used to working with that little space.

8. In every other appearance but JLA, Dick is with Robin. I wish they took the time to explain where Robin was here.

9. The vultures are a great touch as they add foreshadowing, then are explained in the backup. I guess that’s the advantage to having one guy do both.

10. Rating: 9/10 – This isn’t a huge Batman epic, but is the first time Dick has been able to star in his own normal Batman stories and Snyder is proving he can work as Batman outside of being contrasted to Bruce and Morrison’s meta-story as a Batman of his own. This is excellent work and being added to my pull list post-haste.

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