No Ordinary Family – Episode 1-8 Review

No Ordinary Family is the hardest show for me to watch each week. I find myself cringing, wringing my hands, getting frustrated every couple minutes, whether it’s from plot holes or the characters being dumb. I’m scrounging for reasons why I continue to watch the show, and the end of the line might be here.

“No Ordinary Accident” once again tries to do too much, giving every character their own plot, without fully developing any. The writers have no clue what to do with the two kids. To start, they’re both complete morons, unable to capitalize on their powers and do something useful. Instead, they get into every cliched situation imaginable. Daphne continues to lie to the idiot from last week before telling him the truth. JJ hacks the school computer to change a grade and gets caught. Come on…

There was some more crimefighting, this time with Jim’s powers possibly not working. But obviously the powers work when he’s shot, and Katie finds out there’s a chemical that inhibits the powers. The best part of the episode is when JJ and Stephanie work together to perform a surgery on the creepy teacher.

No Ordinary Family needs focus. Every episode doesn’t have to have every character, and the show has no depth. Would it be too hard to center on a character for an episode?

Score: 7.6/10