Inside Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report 11.29.2010: King Sheamus, Jerry Lawler/Miz TLC

We start with a video montage of last week on Raw. You see, The Miz won the title and exposed the business forever

Alex Riley starts the show on the Raw Ramp and he is running the show or something tonight. Then Alberto Del Rio comes out in a car and we’re jumping right into the King of the Ring tournament.

King of the Ring 2010 Quarter Final Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan

Some back and forth before a quick.

Commercial Break

Back and they are wrestling. Bryan controls for a bit. Del Rio slips to the floor, and Bryan runs and jumps onto him, but hits into the barrier and hurts his shoulder. Back in the ring, Del Rio locks in the arm bar submission and Bryan taps.

Winner: Del Rio

Here are the brackets:

Del Rio




They show a montage of former winners, including Bret Hart (twice? 1991 and 1993) and also 2002’s Brock Lesnar.

Commercial Break

R Truth comes out to his old What’s Up music again. I guess the crunk song is out permanently with 2 weeks in a row of What’s Up. He cuts a promo about Cena and how in his honor, he was challenging any member of Nexus to a 1 on 1 match.

Backstage, Josh Matthews scurries to the Nexus lockerroom and runs into Wade Barrett and Michael Perfect, who is going to the ring to answer the challenge. Then he is beaten up backstage by someone who we can only see is wearing jeans shorts. Man those are so popular in 2010 it’s hard to tell who it could be???

Commercial Break
And we’re back, talking about what just went down. Cole wondered who attacked McGillicutty. Punk says it’s John Cena. Punk rules on commentary btw.

King of the Ring 2010 Quarter Final Match
“Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison

Announcers talk about the momentum Morrison has had in recent weeks. Good follow-up by the announcers to sell the last few weeks of wins plus make matches seem like they matter. Punk claimed to have won the King of the Ring in Rio De Janeiro, the same place Pat Patterson won the IC title. That was a phantom tournament for our newer fans. Oh that Punk. Solid, basic action in the ring so far, with Morrison largely on offense. Morrison with a running kick and gets the pin. Pretty much a squash. Is Morrison finally getting a big push!?!?
Winner: John Morrison

It will be Morrison vs. Del Rio in the first semi-final match.

Commercial Break

King of the Ring 2010 Quarter Final Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekial Jackson

Big Zeke is beating up Drew to start. Drew rebounds and kicks Jackson in the corner. McIntyre is showboating a bit, and now both are on the floor brawling. Punk wonders out loud what happens if the ref counts them BOTH out. Cole is kinda speechless in the “oh no Punk gave away the finish” way. And yup, double count out. Weak
Winner: No One

After the match, Zeke beats up Drew.

Backstage the Bella Twins flirt over Daniel Bryan, but it’s broken up by A-Ri. Riley gets a cell call from The Miz. Then Riley goes back to talking to Bryan, saying “all this” could have been his if he stuck with the Miz. Welcome to Mizfest 2010, says A-Ri. Bryan says “A-Ri, is he serious” and the Bellas resume their regular whoring.

Commercial Break

Video montage of last week’s actions kick off hour 2, the start of Raw proper. And now the NEW WWE Champion, The Miz. He comes out in a suit with Alex Riley. Cole stands up and applauds. The Miz has da stick. He had a huge celebration with pyro and streamers, but decided he didn’t need it. He shows the picture of the shocked little girl from last week. Then a little girl with an angry face. Is it the same little girl? I think so. He names her The Miz Girl. To all the haters, he says he’s the champion! Miz cuts down Roddy Piper for not being a WWE Champion, and is cut off by Jerry Lawler. They do some great promo work resulting in Lawler challenging The Miz, who declines. In chimes the Anonymous Raw General Manager, who makes that very match for tonight on Raw. And in three weeks, there is a TLC PPV! To celebrate the countdown, it will be a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match between the Miz and Jerry Lawler. Yowza.

Commercial Break

In 2 weeks – The Slammy Awards! Oh it’s three hours.

King of the Ring 2010 Quarter Final Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus

Punk and Cole discuss having formerly won Slammys. I smell a squash. Punk notes that he and Kofi were tag champs. Not a super squash as Kofi got his finisher in, but Sheamus rolled to the floor. Sheamus with a huge kick to the head as Kofi comes off the top for the pin.
Winner: Sheamus

So Sheamus goes to the finals directly to face the winner of Del Rio vs Morrison.

Commercial Break

Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel
Apparently non-title. Lawler has left the announce position to prepare for his TLC Title match tonight with The Miz. This will also be Lawler’s first ever WWE Title match. During this match, John Cena enters through the crowd visibly holding tickets. I am guessing he bought tickets to tonight’s show! The crowd is popping pretty big. In the ring, Nexus double team Yoshi. Henry is in, catches Slater for the Slam and the non-title pinfall win.
Winners: Henry & Tatsu

After the match, Cena jumps the barricade, clears off the announce table, grabs Slater out of the ring and puts him through the table with an Attitude Adjustment. Punk: He spilled my diet soda! Cena departs through the crowd.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, we see Cena attacking McGillicutty from earlier, and then attacking Slater through the crowd.

In the back, Arn Anderson congratulates Jerry Lawler on finally getting a title match, but is worried about the TLC stipulation.

Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance and we take a

Commercial Break

King of the Ring 2010 Semi Final Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison

Punk mentions that the last King of the Ring William Regal is currently on sabattical. Nice to mention it. Then they talk about the 1995 King of the Ring who was crowned here in Philly… MABEL. Punk then quizzes Cole about who he beat, and Cole didn’t know. Savio Vega! Well done, Punk. Punk and Cole bicker as the match starts on the mat. Del Rio takes control and begins to work the arm. As he hovers over Morrison, a horn begins to honk. Over and over. What the… It’s Rey Rey! He is in the car! Morrison with a kick to the face due to the distraction and gets the pin.
Winner: Morrison

The KOTR final will be Sheamus vs. Morrison.

Commercial Break

Wade Barrett comes out for the 10pm hour start. He talked to the Raw GM, who said that only Barrett had the power to get Cena his job back. Barrett says they will not be surprised next time, and that Cena would never work in WWE again. He is interrupted by John Cena on the big screen. Cena is a man of his word, and he gave his word to take out the Nexus one by one. Barrett calls for security to take Cena away as he is clearly in the parking lot. Cena says the same security guys the Nexus took out their first day? They won’t do it! Gabriel, Otunga and Harris approach Cena in the parking lot, and are about to jump him, when Cena points out the Raw Scrub Patrol, who attack first. I see Koslov and Zeke at least. Cena smashes Otunga Gabriel into the side of a car. Mayhem ensues.

Commercial Break

We see the aftermath of the parking lot brawl, including that car all smashed up. Highlights of the brawl.

Tamina, Alicia Fox & Maryse vs. Natalya, Gail Kim & Melina
Melina and Maruyse to start, and they brawl to the floor. Cole mocks the Diva’s by asking for Punk’s analysis. They go on to make fun of Tamina’s ring gear. The match is interrupted by Santino, brandishing a guitar and singing “I Think We’re Alone Now” badly and not actually playing the guitar. Time stands still. Tamina leaves with Santino, who is still on the house mic as they leave together. Match is back on! Natalya and Fox in the ring as the heels are at a 2-3 disadvantage. Punk calls Maryse “Mau-rice” which is pretty funny. Natalya eventually gets the Sharpshooter on Fox and Alicia taps.
Winners: Natalya, Gail Kim, Melina

Video look back at the career of Jerry “The King” Lawler. Nice buildup to tonight’s match.

Commercial Break

Ted Dibiase is backstage playing with a toy belt. Maryse comes into the room and mocks him for it, then berates him for losing to Daniel Bryan twice. He is growing facial hair. She continues nagging and he screams at her to SHUT UP, which pops the crowd. End scene.

Harris and Otunga lurk around the outside of the arena.

Josh Matthews interviews Morrison and Sheamus, who both feel they will be King of the Ring.

Commercial Break

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih is here! she is a lifelong fan. She is a special guest ring announcer:

King of the Ring 2010 Final Match
Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Sheamus powers down Morrison to start. Sheamus sends Morrison to the floor, then FLEXES to send us to

Commercial Break

We’re back in the ring with Sheamus in control. During the break, Sheamus tossed Morrison around on the outside of the ring. Sheamus in control. Punk is complaining about the broken table and chair from Cena’s attack before. Nice subtle way to get that over. Sheamus dominating in the ring. Morrison fights back. Does a 10-Punch-Count-Along but Sheamus pushes him off. Sheamus goes for the big boot, but Morrison parkours around it. Sheamus pounces and covers for 2. Sheamus goes for a side slam, who floats it around into a DDT for a pinfall attempt. Sheamus gets his leg on the rope. Sheamus counters the next move and retakes control. Morrison fights him off for a while, but Sheamus goes for a big boot and hits it. Sheamus picks him up and hits the High Cross.
Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus is YOUR 2010 King of the Ring. He goes to the Raw Ramp and sits on the throne and puts on the robe. He has a mic folks. He has fulfilled his destiny to be King.

Commercial Break

WWE World Title Match
Tables Ladders & Chairs
The Miz (c) w/Alex Riley vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Miz comes out first. There are ladders, tables and chairs all over the ring and ringside area. Lawler deoesn’t get a huge pop, but a nice ovation. It is Lawler’s birthday. The title hangs high above the ring. Is this really going to happen? Lockup in the ring. Lawler pushes off Miz. Miz kicks Lawler and takes control. Brawling to the floor and Miz uses a chair on Lawler’s back. Back into the ring, and Miz controls. They recover from a botched suplex into an inverted DDT onto a chair into a neckbreaker. Cool. Crowd chants “Miz is Awful”. I think. Maybe Awesome. A-Ri brings a ladder to the ring, but Lawler hits Miz in the back with a chair repeatedly. Crowd mildly pops for Lawler. He goes to the floor for a ladder, but Riley attacks him. King fights him off with a trademarked punch, then clears off a table. But then grabs the ladder and puts it into the ring, but Miz grabs it. Lawler then pushes the ladder into Miz and knocks him over. Lawler in the ring, attacks Miz with the ladder as a battering ram, but Miz dodges and takes control. Miz takes a backdrop onto the ladder which pops the crowd. Riley interferes and knocks down the King. Lawler fights him off, and crowd chants JERRY. He sets up a ladder and goes to climb, but Miz is up and stops him. Suplex onto a chair. Miz controls. Miz to the top with a chair, Lawler follows, and pushes him off through a table on the floor! Wow! Crowd is very hot now. Lawler is climbing a ladder in the middle of the ring. He is a rung away and Michael Cole enters the ring. He grabs Lawler’s leg. Lawler would have won otherwise. Lawler yells at Cole, who says “I’m Sorry” and “I didn’t mean it”. Lawler continues to argue with Cole. Lawler knocks out Cole and starts beating on him to a huge pop. Meanwhile, Miz climbs the ladder and grabs the belt. Lawler notices, climbs up and wrestles with Miz over the belt. Finally Miz hits Lawler in the head with the belt, Lawler bumps off the ladder. Miz grabs the belt to HUGE boos. Awesome stuff.
Winner: Miz

Who would have thought Jerry Lawler had this match in him in 2010? Really great stuff from a psychology standpoint. When the match started, the crowd thought he had NO shot, and reacted accordingly. By the end, they were rabid and thought he could win. He is a master.

Punk closes us out by saying the Miz is the future of the WWE and is awesome.

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