10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 11.29.2010 feat. The Miz Defending WWE Championship, King of the Ring

Welcome once again to another 10 Thoughts from me! I’m delighted to have you all join me to discuss this show that was actually slightly less than delightful itself. To read an evaluation of our new King of the Ring, Sheamus, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com. These three hour shows are marathons, and I might actually try to keep it to 10 Thoughts, so forgive me for ignoring some things. Brevity is the soul of wit.

On that note, on with the thoughts!

1. Alex Riley knows how to party? I laughed a lot at this line, but is it really smart to have anyone bragging on air about getting a DUI? I know that it was a throwaway line and I may be nitpicking, but this was either brilliantly funny, or a little bit wrong.

2. I’ve got to say that I’m bummed that Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio was a first round match, since that was my guess for the final in the tournament. Daniel Bryan’s selling of hitting the barricade was really nice here. Decent match, but I was sad that we wouldn’t get three Daniel Bryan matches on this night.

3. I like seeing John Morrison establish a new finishing move with the kick and knee to the head. It’s not flashy, but it looks legit. With how low impact Starship Pain can tend to look, it’s a great idea to have another move out there.

4. Why did WWE put Ezekiel Jackson in this tournament if they planned to eliminate by countout in round one? Couldn’t this spot be filled by someone else who could either win or lose their match and go on to face Sheamus?

5. It’s always fun to see Jerry “The King” Lawler in a main event match. He works hard in the ring and you know that you will get something fun from him. I’m surprised to see him be The Miz’s first title defense, but I also like the idea.

6. Sheamus will now walk into the tournament finals. As a heel, I don’t feel like he needs this cheap win trip to the finals. He is a guy who has proven himself to be strong, so why make it look like he needs cheap victories?

7. Welcome back John Cena. I’m bummed that we didn’t see Juan Cena on this show, but I get to see him at a house show on Sunday, so I can be satisfied by that.

8. Wait, so now interference doesn’t even have to occur in the ring? Alberto Del Rio was distracted by his car’s horn honking. That’s pretty lame to me, but I guess he cares about those things.

9. Not a bad match from Sheamus and Morrison, but nothing mind shattering either. This was a hard tournament to invest in, since WWE seemed to shortchange it a little bit, not terrible like the 2008 version, but not amazing. No one had a breakout performance and Sheamus is not exactly elevated by winning the KotR rank since he was already a former WWE Champion.

10. Fun, but predictable match to end the show. Predictable is the right way to go, since Jerry Lawler as WWE Champion is not a smart idea. The Miz in a Raw main event is always a good thing, he didn’t have an amazing performance, but Lawler and him had a good match.

That’s all for this week guys! I’ll be evaluating King Sheamus on my blog (itswilltime.wordpress.com) tomorrow and will be writing more as the week goes on.

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