ROH on HDNet Report 11.29.2010 – Featuring: Homicide, Necro Butcher, El Generico

This week’s ROH on HDNet promises some bloodshed, as Homicide takes on the Necro Butcher in a Butcher’s Rules match!  Alongside 3 other matches, we’ll also get to see the HDNet debut of “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett!  I know it’s basically the same thing I wrote in the teaser, but so what?  It needed to be reiterated.  I’m excited for that main event.  I’m still the same lovable commentator that you’ve come to know and love, and I’m here for another great week of ROH on HDNet.  Plugs, ahoy!

Reading is FUNdamental

*Ricardo Rochetti is a great man and thinks like me so often that it’s positively scary.

*Pulse Glazer’s Monday Morning Backlash is nowhere to be found, but here’s his Friday column, with guest spots from Penny and Kyle Fitta.  Nice try, Fitta, but I’M the Kyle around here…

*In honor of WWE’s King of the Ring tonight, I’ll link to Chris Biscuiti‘s “Counterfeit Pennies” column, where he discusses former King of the Ring, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

*Mark Allen checks in with the goings-on This Week In The E.

*And finally, this week’s ROH on HDNet is brought to you by Bells’ Winter White Ale, from Kalamazoo, MI.

So now…on with the show.

**We open right up with Homicide being interviewed by Kyle Durden.  Homicide promises he’ll go through everyone in ROH to get his title shot, and that the violence is coming.  He encourages Necro to bring the weapons because he’ll bring the crazy.  Oh, this will get ugly tonight.  I love it.


**We now open up to Steve Corino in the ring with a microphone.  Corino hypes the Final Battle match between Steen and Generico, and puts over how Steen has gone absolutely crazy.  Corino says that it’s gone on far too long and even he can’t handle Steen anymore.  He calls out Generico right now with a request!  Generico answers the call, with towel draped head, a black plain t-shirt and black plain tights.  He removes the towel revealing the new black mask.  Corino says he’s not here to wrestle him, but to talk to him like a man.  He says it’s gone on too long.  Corino says that Steen wants Generico’s mask, and tells him that Steen is going to end his career, but Corino’s solution is for Generico to just give him the mask  now to prevent the Final Battle, because ROH needs Steen but it doesn’t need Generico.  In response, Generico whips off the t-shirt and throws it at Corino.  Corino tries to avoid the fight, and one last time asks for the mask.  Generico responds with a slap!  Corino with a sucker punch with the mic!  The brawl to the floor is on!  Sinclair isn’t calling for the bell, but he’s following them around as Corino pounds Generico around ringside, who doesn’t appear to be fighting back.  Corino rolls him into the ring, and in a cocky fashion calls for the bell.

Steve Corino vs. El Generico
Generico immediately rolls Corino up in a small package for the pin!

El Generico def. Steve Corino in 0:05 via small package.
As a match, completely useless.  As a segment, just great stuff that put over Generico’s new state of mind and allowed Corino to put over just how far over the edge Steen has gone.  Final Battle will be sick. (N/A)

**Post-match, Corino immediately goes back to the beatdown on Generico.  Corino chokes him out in the corner, but goes to the opposite corner to gloat, but Generico charges with a yakuza kick!  Corino begs off but fires a sucker punch, which Generico no-sells.  Generico then connects with a half-nelson suplex, a yakuza kick and a brainbuster!  We fade out to promotional vids on Generico pacing like a caged animal and posing over Corino’s carcass.

**Back from MMA commercials, we pimp the 6-man tag match, and cut to the common video package for the Kings of Wrestling/Briscoe Brother feud, with some new additions to keep up with recent developments.  Still is probably the most effective way to end the feud without taking the titles of the Kings, so the more I think about it, the more I approve.  I’m sure that’ll put me in the minority.

**Now in the ring, Jim Cornette, introducing “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett.  His manager/trainer “Brutal” Bob Evans is trying WAY too hard to be a modern day Mickey.  Meanwhile, Bennett claims he’ll be ROH World Champion inside of 12 months.  The ROH fans inform him that he sucks.  Concludes by saying that 2011 is the Year of the Prodigy.

**After Bennett leaves, we cut to exclusive footage from backstage of Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze after their match.  The culmination is that at Final Battle, they’ll essentially have a Dream Partner women’s tag match.  Works for me.

“Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus vs. Jon Davis
Davis’s first name is mistakenly spelled “John” on the chyron.  No entrances for either.  Davis grabs a wristlock to start, but Titus counters into a headscissors.  Davis escapes, but Titus grabs a headlock.  Series of armdrags and a drop toe hold and Titus gets the better of the exchange.  Davis isn’t thrilled and shoves him.  Titus responds with a slap, and Davis throws a flurry at Titus.  Titus escapes a powerslam but gets caught in one anyway.  Davis charges for a shoulder block but meets a dropkick instead for 2.  Titus snap mares Davis and adds a knee for 2.  Titus grabs another headscissors, but Davis backs Titus into a corner, and a series of counters leads into a Davis leg lariat for 2.  Davis misses the avalanche, and Titus throws a couple of forearms and catches Davis with a big boot and the leaping rocker dropper for 2.  Titus gyrates like a champ…Rick Rude would be proud…Titus counters an irish whip with a kick and catches Davis in a sunset flip, but Davis rolls through and hits a running knee.

Both men down, but as Titus goes to capitalize, Davis blocks with a few strikes.  The two exchange strikes, and Davis takes advantage, bowling over Titus.  Davis adds a back body drop.  Titus goes for a springboard cross body, countered into a spinebuster for a long 2.  Titus hits his wraparound knee, and Davis scores with the POOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCE, knocking him out of the ring.  Titus gets in a cheap shot, however, and back in the ring, Titus scores with the knee assisted neckbreaker for the 3!

Rhett Titus def. Jon Davis in 6:26 via knee assisted neckbreaker.
Pretty solid matchup, really.  Nice little mid-card match, and Titus getting a fairly clean win continues to develop him as a legit singles threat. (**1/2)

**Another interview with Davey Richards, this one with him deconstructing Truth Martini.  He believes that Truth is a sign of Roderick’s desperation and weakness.

**Backstage again, Kyle Durden is with the TV Champion Eddie Edwards.  December 17, the American Wolves will get a Tag Team Title shot at the Kings of Wrestling.  Edwards promises that the Wolves will take the belts.  Next week, Edwards will defend the TV Title against Colt Cabana!

Grizzly Redwood & Mike Sydal vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly
Cole and Redwood start.  No introductions again.  Cole grabs a headlock and scores with a shoulderblock.  Cole runs the ropes and gets caught, series of armdrags results in a series of headlock takeovers and headscissors counters to a standoff.  Sydal and O’Reilly tagged in.  Sydal gets the crowd into it, but they lock up and O’Reilly immediately grabs a cross armbreaker that Sydal counters for a 1 count.  Sydal bridges to dodge a clothesline and adds a kick for 1.  Blind tag and a double  monkey flip sends O’Reilly to the outside.  Sydal throws out a moonsault to the floor and rolls O’Reilly back in for 2.  Redwood tags Sydal back in, but O’Reilly counters with a series of kicks and knees.  He single legs Sydal and adds some kicks before tagging in Cole.  They hang Sydal in the tree of woe and add double charing low dropkicks.  Cole sends Sydal to the top rope and tries to take him off but gets knocked off himself.  Sydal dives, but Cole catches him in a northern lights suplex for 2.  O’Reilly tags in, and adds a dragon screw legwhip and a few leg strikes, before Sydal counters into an enzugiri.

Redwood tags in and throws a few strikes and a second rope seated senton and a headscissors.  Redwood adds a swinging DDT for 2.  Sydal and Redwood get a double whip countered with kicks and O’Reilly dives to the outside.  Back in the ring, O’Reilly and Cole add their double team wheelbarrow/lungblower combination for the win!

Adam Cole(W) & Kyle O’Reilly def. Grizzly Redwood & Mike Sydal (L) in 5:14 via wheelbarrow/lungblower combination.
Damn fine short tag team match for what it needed to be.  It established Cole and O’Reilly as a solid tag team both of whom have major skills.  Cole advanced to the Survival of the Fittest finals with an upset over Steve Corino, and O’Reilly has continued to perform well on his TV appearances. (**1/4)

Homicide vs. Necro Butcher (w/ Prince Nana & Mr. Ernesto Osiris) – Butcher’s Rules Match
Before the match even starts, Necro instructs Nana and Osiris to get the weapons, and get them they do.  I count 7 chairs, a screwdriver, a wrench, a table and a ladder.  Tremendous.

Fun Fact: These two last met at “Ring of Homicide” in an impromptu match in 2006.

Referee Paul Turner rings the bell and ducks for cover.  Homicide and Necro duel with chairs and Homicide gets the worst of it and goes to the floor.  He tosses a chair at Necro’s head and tosses him off the apron through a chair on the floor.  Ow.  On the floor, Homicide runs Necro’s head into the barricade 3 times, and chases away Nana.  Homicide then adds a chairshot to the face as Necro sits against the barricade.  Back in the ring, Homicide tosses a ladder out of the ring onto Necro, and the Butcher is busted open.  Back outside, Homicide pounds away as Necro hasn’t really gotten out of the blocks yet.  Homicide just grabs the beard, measures Necro and pounds away.  Homicide tears at the face and whips him into the barricade again.  Homicide hits Necro with a piece of the sheet metal barricade cover, and then repeats with another piece and chases Nana and Osiris away again.

Back in the ring again, Homicide plays to the crowd and sets up a table in the corner.  Necro counters a 3/4 nelson into a table, but Homicide responds with a low blow and a vertical suplex into the table and Necro is a mess.  Homicide throws up the fisticuffs and drops Necro with a series of punches.  Homicide goes for the Cop Killa, but Osiris interferes.  That won’t end well for him.  Sure enough, Osiris takes a Cop Killa and he’s likely done for the night.  He rolls to the corner, possibly dead.  Necro is able to use the distraction to toss a chair in Homicide’s face and quickly set up and deliver his chair-assisted backbreaker for 2.  Necro picks up Homicide and hits a chair-assisted scoop slam onto a couple more chairs for good measure.  Homicide counters a chairshot and responds with one of his own.  Homicide places the chair over his head and goes for a conchairto to the face, but Nana stops him and gets drilled for his trouble.  Necro is able to get up and hit a nasty powerbomb onto the chairs for 2.  The crowd chants “Homicide” as Necro sets up the chairs again for the backbreaker.  Necro goes for the backbreaker, but Homicide counters and hits the Ace Crusher over the chairs!  He adds a second one for the three count!

Homicide def. Necro Butcher in 8:37 via Ace Crusher.
Just a great brawl, exactly the same thing that Homicide is so well known for in his ROH tenure.  He’s had some solid pure matches, in his time, but the brawls are where he’s most at home, and it shows. (***1/4)

**Next week on ROH on HDNet, Davey Richards takes on Erick Stevens and Eddie Edwards fights Colt Cabana for the World TV Title.  NICE!

**Let’s add up the numbers. On a 50+ minute show, there was 20:22 of wrestling.  Really, the number would likely be more if you counted the entirety of the Generico/Corino segment, which was very well done.  The debut of Bennett was handled fairly well, even though I don’t care for Bob Evans, the Homicide brawl was a much better way to introduce Homicide to the HDNet audience that may not know him as well as some others, and the growth of Rhett Titus continues.  Hard to complain about a pretty solid show.

As always, thanks for reading, never hesitate to hit me up with any comments questions or anything else and I hope to see everyone next week!

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