The People’s Column: Should We Hail King Sheamus?

Alright, so yesterday I began writing a blog on Sheamus as King of the Ring and as I was writing it, I felt thoroughly uninspired. Due to that, you’re just going to get a stream of thoughts without the usual format of my blogs.

Sheamus as King of the Ring is not a bad choice, but it really does not do anything for him. Sheamus is already a major main event level superstar. He has been in PPV main events for the last year. Sheamus is established.

He does do something for the tournament itself. It adds a new former WWE Champion to the KotR resume. When they break out this tournament again, he will be mentioned as a major star in the same breath as Bret Hart and Triple H.

The problem is that the tournament could have really been used to elevate a younger heel. I don’t believe that John Morrison should have won, since would not use the King title to get himself over. Imagine if Alberto Del Rio, who was already calling himself a King, could now say that he is the King of the Ring? He is a newer star that is solid in the ring. Most people have him pencilled in for a World Championship win in 2011 and this could be another step up for him.

The tournament also missed the opportunity to allow a superstar breakout via a quality in ring performance. One of the best nights of Bret Hart’s career was his 1993 King of the Ring win where he had three great matches in one night. Remember Steve Austin going to the hospital and coming back with stitches on the night of the 1996 King of the Ring. Moments like this have helped get the tournament over because they showed superior in ring action.

My hope was the Daniel Bryan would get to be the breakout performer, but I also would have accepted John Morrision in at role. Instead we got one good match out of six. That’s disappointing to anyone who actually tuned in the the show expecting to see some good action.

In the end, I see why Sheamus was the choice for KotR. He is a talented performer who makes the tournament itself look good. Sadly he was also the most established wrestler in a tournament that is supposed to put over a new star.

It’s a double edged sword for sure. Where do you guys come out on this issue?

EDIT: Here’s the thing about this motivating his feud with Triple H. Sheamus did not need this to make his feud with Triple H matter again. It would already be a hot feud with him taking Triple H out and claiming to have ended his career.

Also, I hate the nickname “King of Kings” for Triple H. It’s a name that he does not need since he already has a long list of them. On top of it, the phrase did not evolve naturally the way “The Game,” “The Damn Good,” and “The Cerebral Assassin” did. I am also just not a fan of borderline sacrilege and want to point out that there is only on King of Kings.

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