10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 12.03.2010 – Kaitlyn, Kaval & MVP.

1. I kind of tuned out after a minute during the opening TLC segment as Rey’s cheesy lines made me want to pull my hair out. However, as soon as Alberto turned up in his stunning Rolls Royce and handed the security guard a wad of cash I soon perked up. Yes, they babbled on for perhaps too long and ADR does need to stop with the continuous chihuahua jokes but the terrific ending soon made up for everything that came before it.

Even though Rey and Alberto have had a fair few matches together (and if this was anybody else I would be angry by now) I am really looking forward to their PPV match as they always bring something new to the table each and every single time and I can’t wait to see the possibilities a TLC match will bring the pairing.

2. Thank you WWE officials for putting Kaitlyn onto Smackdown, by god we desperately needed a new Diva but as for right now I can’t really see where she will fit in other then continuing her feud with Vickie Guerrero. Hmmm, any suggestions readers as to where Kaitlyn can go on from here?

3. I know I may not come across as MVP’s biggest fan but after seeing him live a few weeks ago I took a whole new shine to him (the same happened with HHH – they must just captivate me in the flesh.) At the house show last month he went up against Dolph and Kaval in a 3-way match for the IC title. In the match MVP and Kaval joined forces against Dolph and they worked extraordinarily well together. Afterwards I hoped that one day in the near future they could come together as a tag team and it’s typical that in the week they finally did so MVP was released. They could’ve potentially been a great tag team (which WWE desperately need right now) and I would have found myself looking forward to all of their matches plus more importantly they had matching attire and that makes everything better in my book.

4. WOW! The Drew/Dolph vs MVP/Kaval match was by far one of the best tag team matches I have seen in WWE for a long, looonnnggg time. Kaval’s reversal into the dragon sleeper was all kinds of amazing – why must you deprive him of us so much WWE?! I really wasn’t keen on the aftermath though, plus it sucks that MVP’s final WWE moment was him being chokeslammed by Kane.

5. I know I rant about this whole Edge/Paul Bearer/Kane hot mess every week but now it has gone way too far for my liking! I no longer just find it unbearably sh**, it now also makes me cry a bit as whenever Paul Bearer shouts for his ‘son’ his voice is so tearful and scared that I feel mega sorry for him and it makes me sad. But then again I cry at EVERYTHING! – when Brooks commits suicide in The Shawshank Redemption all the tears that flood out of my eyes could easily fill an Olympic sized swimming pool.

6. WHOAH a Superstar vignette! – I haven’t seen one of these for years. The Dolph Ziggler one has now persuaded me to like him (I will soon dislike him again after his next match probably.) But showing an MVP one, really? – that was kind of a waste, come on Smackdown producers get your act together. I am now eagerly awaiting Cody’s one that I know I will re-watch about 20 million times.

7. I have no idea why but I’m simply not buying into the mega long matches Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston are having like everybody else is. On paper I would think that these two potential future Wrestlemania headliners could have an amazing match but I feel as though they don’t deliver as well as they both could do. Yes I know there will be tons of people who disagree with me and love these two together but they just don’t do it for me and unless they do something mindblowingly amazing sometime soon I’m going to find myself fast-forwarding through their next match.

8. Why oh WHY do we have to see yet another IC title match between Kofi and Dolph?! I think even their own mothers must be sick to the death of them together by now. The Swagger/Kofi match definitely should have ended in a draw – that way we could have watched what would’ve been a fresh, new match between the three rather than having to watch Kofi and Dolph for what will be the millionth time this year.

9. I’m not sure whether I liked the whole Hornswoggle/Swagger Eagle/Beth Phoenix segment at the end of the Divas match or if I absolutely hated it!  The good points – The Glamazon in her white Wrestlemania attire (phhhrrroooww) and I will embarassingly admit it – I did enjoy whole Ultimate Warrior-esque shaking of the ropes by Horny.

Buuuutttttt, come to think of it the negative far outweighs the positives. My lovely wife to be (well, in my fantasies) definitely shouldn’t be relegated to glamslamming the Eagle – even if she did do a marvellous job of it. Come on Beth, you need to sort out those Laycool bitches (Mae Young’s words not mine) once and for all instead of wasting time on mascots.

10. Best match: Dolph/Drew (sinister perfection?) vs MVP/Kaval tag team match.
Worst match: Kane and Edge, let’s just hope the added stipulations at TLC give them that much needed umph so I can finally watch one of their matches without getting incredibly restless.
Best segment: when Edge pushed the Paul Bearer mannequin down the stairs – NOT!

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