DR. TNA: That Ref is SUCH an a**hole

by David Roberts

If you follow TNA, by now you have certainly heard that Mr. Anderson is the special guest referee for the Jeff Hardy – Matt Morgan match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  I must admit, I was in the same boat as at least one of the doctor’s readers in thinking that Douglas Williams could have been the guy.  That said, this is the person who makes the most sense – and by most sense, I mean it is a no brainer.

Most likely you know why this is, but on the off chance you don’t see why it makes sense, a flash back for you.

That is the incident that led to Mr. Anderson’s legitimate concussion and opened the door for Matt Morgan’s face turn when he was worked into a story line in which Morgan refused to allow Immortal and Fortune to continue their attacks on Mr. Anderson in subsequent weeks.  This all occurred while Mr. Anderson was being treated and recovering for his injury.

Now everyone’s favorite a**hole is back and he made quite an entrance.  As Morgan was getting the beat down by Fortune, the iMPACT zone went dark, Anderson’s music hit and he ran out with the same pipe you saw him wielding when he was knocked out of action and cleared the ring.

Following the save, the following conversation occurred.

Now I’m aware that TNA has not always had the most logical angles.  Further, they have allowed far too many angles to fade away with no resolution.  However, for all the haters out there, let me just say if you’re not going to give them credit this you have about as much credibility in criticizing them in the future as ESPN does when they discuss fan fatigue with Brett Farve stories.

This was a good move.  Further, they brought back Anderson in a way that did not immediately supplant Morgan as the face for the  show’s top angle.  I’m on record that now is not the time for Morgan to become TNA champion.  However, now is certainly not the time to move him out of the number one contender role he has been fulfilling quite well.  Morgan has become a fan favorite.  Hardy needs to keep the belt for a bit longer, but the fans like Morgan and he needs to remain a focal point for top angles.

My one complaint with how this was handled is that I’d have given Morgan a mic.  I get that this was Anderson’s return and I’m not saying that Morgan needed to upstage him (if it’s even possible to upstage Mr. Anderson).  What I am saying is that rather than just gesturing, let’s let the number one contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship actually respond using his words.

That is nitpicking a bit, so I’ll let that go.  Just thought it was worth mentioning.  However, leading into Final Resolution, TNA handled this quite well and they deserve credit for that.  They lost one of their tope faces due to an injury that many believe wrestling takes to lightly.  Rather than denying or ignoring it, they worked it into an angle that took an underutilized talent in Morgan and turned him face.  Morgan took the opportunity and ran with it becoming a fan favorite in a short period of time.  Seemingly recognizing that, TNA has worked Mr. Anderson back into that same angle in a way that still allows Morgan to continue in his current role and leaves the fans happy.

Inevitably, Mr. Anderson is going to have to be worked back into a feud with Jeff Hardy.  That is the ultimate resolution of this angel.  However, when this happens I hope TNA finds a top level rivalry for Morgan.  He has earned it.

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