Inside Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Monday Night RAW – 12.06.2010: A Nexus Mutiny?

Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW!

First off, many thanks to the big boss for stepping in and covering for me last week as I needed a week off to spend with the girl. I did catch the show and I gotta say, I loved it.

We recap last week’s main event.

CM Punk and Jerry Lawler are at the commentary table and Michael Cole comes out on the stage showing remorse. He doesn’t know why he did what he did and he criticizes the fans for not understanding. Seems Michael Cole received a lot of hate mail. He won’t apologize for supporting the Miz, even comparing him to HIS SON. He tells Lawler that he got caught up in the moment and he deeply regrets it. Lawler responds by saying that Michael Cole should just apologize. Cole expresses that he made a mistake and Lawler won’t have it as he wants to finish what he started last week. Cole gets on the defensive saying that Lawler has as much to blame as he does. Supposedly, they are no longer WWE Commentators, but broadcast journalists. It’s not too much to ask, but I get my news from CNN, not from Michael Cole. Michael Cole demands Lawler to give him an apology. Lawler goes towards the ring as the RAW GMail chimes off. CM Punk comes up to the podium, mocking Michael Cole in the process. The RAW GMail wants a cease and desist between the two broadcast partners and if either violate this, termination will result. Instead, the GMail orders Lawler to shake Michael Cole’s hand. Lawler steps in the ring and Michael Cole is ready for the handshake and he gets…a handshake. Lawler holds onto the grasp and he says that he won’t get physical with him, but someone in the back has a response for him.

Cue Randy Orton and Michael Cole just crapped his pants. Orton has a microphone and Michael Cole tries to plead with the Viper. He has a message for the Miz and he wants Michael Cole to deliver it to him. Randy doesn’t blame the Miz for doing what he did because Randy would have done it as well if the roles were reversed. Orton vows to take the title back from the Miz…TONIGHT. The Miz and his Miz-itch come out for a rebuttal as the King keeps Michael Cole in the ring. The Miz says that he won Money in the Bank and Orton lost. The Miz stands before Orton the new champion and that the RAW GM informed him that since he retained the title last week his next title defense won’t be until Tables, Ladders, & Chairs against Orton. Orton asks Miz that the seven men who attacked him two weeks ago won’t be a factor. Miz-itch challenges Orton to a match and he accepts. The Miz says that he gets to pick the stipulation, but Orton says that he may be injured, but he can still do one thing better than anyone. Lawler pushes Cole…RKO TO COLE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Cole has left the building.


We recap what happened and Michael Cole is loopy. Josh Matthews joins commentary and he has dirty looks for Jerry Lawler and CM Punk.

Ted DiBiase & Maryse v. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Nikki Bella tries to go to Daniel Bryan’s locker room, but Brie Bella was already in there. Interesting. One week we went from Bryan being confused to Bryan being mack daddy. Bell starts and Nikki Bella makes her way ringside as we get some amateur wrestling and CM Punk almost calls him Bryan Danielson. Ted gets his ass kicked so he makes Maryse get in there for Nikki to beat on. Mixed tag rules apply here. Maryse grabs some hair and she shouts at Ted telling him to watch her work. Brie rolls Maryse up for two and Daniel Bryan takes out Ted DiBiase. Twin magic occurs as Nikki swaps places and Maryse gets rolled up for the win.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella
Grade: C- (Short, but inoffensive so I can’t grade badly here)

Post match, Maryse blows Ted DiBiase off by going preschool on his rich ass. Talk to the hand, fool!


We recap last week where John Cena took out several members of Nexus.

Wade Barrett is “via satellite”, but supposedly David Otunga is there instead since Wade is en route to the arena. David won’t tell us what they will do Cena, but they have a plan. Supposedly, if they stick together, they will be unstoppable. A knock comes on the door and his food his here. The waiter gets kicked out and Cena comes a-knocking. Husky Harris tries to run counter, but Cena dispels him and the new swank Nexus shirt.


David Hart Smith v. Tyson Kidd

Ah, a rematch from WWE Superstars. This must be the real deal. Tyson Kidd comes out with some huge man. I’ll attempt to research this. Bell rings and Smith takes it to Kidd, but Kidd turns it around. Knee to the neck applied and Smith gets a running clothesline to regain control. Monkeyflip connects, but Kidd gets a forearm following a charge. Both men on the turnbuckle and SMith gets a delayed suplex for two. Kidd leaps over and counters to a pinning predicament.

Winner: Tyson Kidd
Grade: FTS (Sorry, this isn’t good.)

Post match, Smith attacks Kidd and gets laid out via a huge lariat from the big man.

Wade Barrett tries to talk to the injured Nexus and he blames Otunga for the execution of the plan. Wade tells Slater and Gabriel to toughen up. Otunga warns Barrett that if he doesn’t take out Cena once and for all, there may be a mutiny.


Tag Team Championship Match: Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov v. Jimmy & Jey Uso v. Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu v. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Elimination rules apply, each pinfall eliminates the entire tag team. Four corner rules also apply, meaning that two men will be in the ring at a time and anyone can be tagged in and out at will. Tatsu and Gabriel begin the match. They trade off chinlocks and Tatsu takes it to Gabriel with chops and kicks. Cover gets two. Tag to Slater and Tatsu takes Slater down and works on the arm. Arm wringer to the champion and Mark Henry tags in the match. Slater tags in one of the Usos to save his ass. Jey is the legal man and he gets manhandled by Mark Henry. Tag to Tatsu and the Usos regain ground. Tag to Jimmy and he works on Tatsu a bit. Tag back to Jey and Tatsu gets isolated. Slater tags Jey out of the match. Modified Zig Zag by Slater eliminates Yoshi Tatsu.

Eliminated: Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry

The Usos come back and they they take it to Slater. Double team Samoan drop by the Usos almost eliminates the Nexus. Uso misses the splash and Koslov saves Nexus and he plants one of the Usos with the Iron Curtain for the elimination.

Eliminated: The Usos

Tamina stays behind to root Santino on. Gabriel takes out Koslov’s leg and we get a botched move for a two count. Kick to Koslov sends him down and Slater gets tagged in. Slater eats a headbutt and in comes Santino! Slater counters a whip and he rebounds with a beatdown to Santino. Tag to Gabriel and he scores a kick to the face. Cover gets a delayed two count. Headlock is locked in and Santino fights out of it. Heel kick by Gabriel scores two. Tag back to Slater and we get a double team before going to break.


We’re back as Koslov and Gabriel are the legal men in the ring. Gabriel beats down on Koslov, but Koslov tags in Santino. Santino does the splits and hiptosses Gabriel. Uppercut to the gut connects and STUNNER STUNNER STUNNER! Two is all she gets and HERE COMES CENA! Santino readies the Cobra and it connects!

Winners and NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov
Grade: B+ (Really enjoyable.)

Santino, Vladimir, and Tamina all do the air trombone in celebration.

King Sheamus will address the WWE Universe next!


We recap what just happened.

King of the Ring Coronation Ceremony

Sheamus comes out wearing what might be traditional Irish royalty garb, but I’m no expert on Irish royalty. Could be worse, he could have stolen Triple H’s King of Kings attire easily. He restored the crown in the WWE and he is superior to everyone. He brings up Irish history and he vows to have an eternal reign. He is the greatest High King in history.

Here comes John Morrison mocking Sheamus’ choice of attire. Sheamus says that John Morrison is jealous of his success. Morrison agrees that Sheamus has more accolades, but the rivalry between the two is one-one. By that logic, does that mean that Morrison isn’t counting the Falls Count Anywhere match during Sheamus’ title reign. Sheamus mocks Morrison and he wants him to refer him as the High King and bow down to him. Morrison refuses and he guarantees that he will never bow down to King Sheamus. He gets slapped and Morrison takes Sheamus out, hitting him with the scepter and tossing him into the throne.


Natalya v. Melina

LayCool is at ringside after performing favors on Michael Cole. They banter with Lawler, Punk, and Matthews. This match is non-title and LayCool talk during the match. Natalya hits a brainbuster on Melina and my mute button does not work. Melina turns it around and covers Natalya for two. Natalya counters the hold into a rollup for two. Melina counters with a kick to the back. She screams and runs into a lariat. Natalya charges and Melina responds. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter and Melina is forced to tap out.

Winner: Natalya
Grade: D

LayCool gets in the ring and they make an example of Natalya.


Miz-itch talks to the Miz and the Miz talks about how various media outlets have been talking about him. Miz tells Miz-itch that he HAS to beat Orton tonight.

Randy Orton v. Alex Riley (w/The Miz)

The match…is NEXT!


The Money in the Bank briefcase is just a prop for Miz-itch. Bell rings and Riley attacks the knee to start. Orton regroups quickly and he beats Riley to a pulp in the corner. Knee shot by Riley and that gets two. Riley continues working the knee and he locks in a legscissors. Orton punches his way out of it and ORTON connects with a High Angle suplex (a la Angle/Olympic Slam). Orton comes at Riley with clotheslines and a snap powerslam. Riley wisely rolls underneath the ropes, but forgets thta Orton has the Hangman DDT, which he uses to perfection. Orton lies in wait for the RKO and here comes the Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale for the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton
Grade: N/R

The Miz says he will show Orton what type of match they will have at TLC. The Miz pulls out a table and he chases the referee out of the ring. Miz picks Orton up and Orton gets out of it. He looks to powerslam Miz through the table, but the Miz runs away. Orton sees Miz-itch on the ramp, so he uses him as an example as he powerbombs him through the table.

Wade Barrett walks backstage and he tells Otunga to make sure everyone is ready.


Wade Barrett Calls Out John Cena

Wade Barrett admits that he was wrong. He thought that John Cena was a man of his word, but that is not what has transpired. Sadly, only Wade Barrett can rehire John Cena and he wants him to come out to the ring so he can get something off his chest. John obliges and he makes his way through the crowd and he hits the ring as Nexus comes out on the stage. Wade threatens Cena that if he does one thing that the Nexus would beat him within an inch of his life. Wade says that what Cena is doing won’t work. John Cena calls Wade so stupid. Being fired isn’t that bad since he can be a part of the WWE Universe. John Cena is perfectly content on staying fired and buying a ticket to RAW to make their lives a living hell. He can care less if he won’t be rehired. Wade Barrett asks Cena what assurances he could give Wade if he was rehired. Cena plays smartass and he tells Wade that he can keep him fired, but if he is rehired the Nexus won’t be subject to random attacks, but Wade Barrett will still get a target on his back. John makes a threat and Wade orders Nexus to come down to extinguish Cena. Seems that Barrett pissed off his own group so they leave him alone with Cena in the ring. Cena attacks! Wade gets sent to the steel steps and he rearranges furniture, this time he hands Punk his diet soda. Cena picks Barrett up and he climbs the steel steps. Barrett escapes and he runs away like a coward. Cena’s music plays. It’s shocking that someone not employed by the WWE still has entrance music. I’ll suspend reality for a moment.

Wade Barrett storms backstage to bitch at David Otunga. David gives Wade Barrett an order: Rehire John Cena next week or you’re out of Nexus. Strength in numbers leaves Wade Barrett to decide his plan.

Show over.

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