Blue Bloods – Episode 1-10 Review

We’re 10 episodes into Blue Bloods and I’m kind of tired of it. I get that it’s supposed to be a cop show about a family, but it just feels like the audience gets bashed over the head each week with a blunt instrument. “After Hours” is the “is Danny going to cheat?!?!?” episode and it’s just tedious.

Everything is in place for deed to happen. The hot girl dances with him, he seems to like it, and there’s a parallel situation with the doorman from North Carolina. But we know Danny won’t do anything wrong. Why? Because he’s a Reagan–they’re built that way. Chalk it up to superior genes or the world tilting everything in their favor, but every character comes out squeaky clean after every episode. The writers refuse to make them bad guys, even when Danny tortures a criminal. The episode is an exercise in unfulfilled potential, the dangling of bait–for a better, morally ambiguous show.

We’re treated with the usual happy ending. Reagans are the best–they destroy friendships to uphold the law and they never cheat on their spouses. They can debate various issues at the dinner table, but at the end of the day, it’s the Reagans on one side and a horde of heathens on the other.

Score: 8.1/10