TNA Impact Spoilers for Thursday, 12/16 with Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, RVD and a Title Change

For spoilers for the 12/9 show, click here

Robert Roode defeated Chris Sabin with a spinebuster.

A great way to start Impact: a future star vs. one of the top in-ring workers in the company.

Matt Morgan comes out to say he walked away from a big paycheck from Ric Flair to do the right thing, but now that he’s teaming with Anderson tonight, he needs to know if Anderson is really okay. Mr. Anderson comes out to say he’s a big boy, and Jeff Hardy interrupts to confrontation to sow seeds of dissent.

Wasn’t the match announced last week Morgan vs. Anderson? How are they now teaming?

Jay Lethal regained the X-Division Title from Robbie E when Christie Hemme stopped Cookie from interfering by handcuffing her.

Can we get Lethal in a normal feud with a wrestler now?

Orlando Jordan and Eric Young defeated Generation Me.

Because when you can sacrifice a talented team to a comedy duo, you have to do it.

Tara and Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher to advance in the Knockouts Tag Tournament.

With Tara hurt, her team should have lost this match.

RVD defeated Rob Terry.

He’s apparently totally forgotten his owed title show from after BFG.

Jeff Jarrett wins his $10,000 MMA Invitational Challenge.

Given it almost caused a riot, I guess the angle is working.

TNA champion Jeff Hardy and Kazarian defeated Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson. Rob Terry knocked Anderson off the apron, only to be attacked by Morgan, who turned into a Twist of Hate.

Did I miss a heel turn for Terry somewhere?

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