10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 12.09.2010 – Mickie James, Tara, Ken Anderson, Matt Morgan

Reviewing the 12/9/10 episode of TNA.

10 Thoughts on TNA Impact

1. Eric Bischoff looks like he has some stress bumps on his neck. Immortal was read the riot act by Bisch. Especially AJ. If Fortune wasn’t hitting it’s stride, I’d say they could be sowing the seeds of AJ turning face. Continuing with the segment saw what could be the end of poor Rhino. Or could Rhino pull a Cena and return to make life miserable for Bischoff?

2. Nice touch with the fake Devon. Plays well into Ray’s claim and makes him look like a bigger jerk trying to replace the original. The real Devon has some new music as he comes down at the end of the “New” Team 3D vs. The Brohawks(Ink, Inc.) match.

3. TNA is pretty unforgiving when it comes to passport/travel issues real or storyline wise. Hamada is the victim now. Or ask Douglas Williams from his X-Division days. Speaking of Douglas Williams, he is one of the few TNA wrestlers that can really get a unique match out of Abyss. Douglas Williams has fast become one of my favorite wrestlers to watch in TNA week in and week out.

Line of the Night(s) LON:

Cowboy James Storm- “Ya know what you call a woman with just two front teeth? A bottle opener.”

4. Tara’s lip-syncing performance along with Gen Me’s dancing was so ridiculous and over the top, it was funny. Nice way to continue the Tara vs. Mickie feud and actually the segment was valuable in it sets up a Fruits and Nuts(Orlando Jordan & Eric Young) vs. Gen Me match/feud when Eric Young came out to save Mickie from a 3 on 1 after Mickie interrupted Tara’s “performance”. As the show progressed, another strong video package detailing their feud. I do have an issue with the one backstage interview with Mickie James. While it could pass for an earlier general challenge, it was placed on the show to seem like it took place after their singing segment brawl. The only contradiction was it was filmed during Bischoff’s opening show rant to Matt Morgan and he could be heard as clear as day in the background.

5. It was a great change of pace to have Cowboy James Storm on commentary. Too often he stands in the background and doesn’t get too much mic time. James felt very comfortable on commentary and had great chemistry with Taz during the Motor City Machine Guns vs. Gunner/Murphy match.

6. The exchange between Matt Morgan and Ken Anderson was believable in some parts, but Morgan still has a ways to go before he is as fluid as Anderson. I love Morgan’s candid comments on Reaction, but when in a more scripted environment, Morgan needs to become more polished. Anderson is solid as always, but clearly outshines Morgan on the mic and it showed in their backstage segment.

LON: Taz in reference to Sarita & Daffney teaming together-

“Zombie Hot and Muy Caliente.”

7. I like the storyline with Sarita and Velvet Sky. Classic formula. One wrestler thinks they have the other’s number and Sarita bullying Velvet both before and after their tag team championship semi-finals encounter. However, the tag team match itself didn’t flow well. TNA missed the boat on having Sarita vs. Angelina Love for some nice heated exchanges during the match. Velvet works her tail off and has shown some improvement, but is very far behind the other lady wrestlers. Daffney, despite a nice crowd reaction, seemed a step off or two and will be fine after she works off some ring rust. I have seen much better from Daffney in the past so I know she is more than capable to step back up.

8.  What a huge feather in TNA’s cap to have held an international show in Dubai. The footage is incredibly valuable in establishing TNA as global force in wrestling and not just another southern U.S. promotion. Not to mention, TNA being rock solid in video production, can really make the promotion look good from the footage overseas.

9. I can easily see a disguised Kurt Angle or Samoa Joe sneak into one of Double J’s Double M-A fan challenge and make him tap. Hopefully because of the success of the heat Jeff got with the first one, they’ll continue this in weeks to come. Double J has really come into his own reinvigorating his career with the Double M-A gimmick.

LON: Taz & Tenay during Main Event in regards to Tara and Madison Rayne-

Tenay “…Is it friendship or a business relationship?”

Taz “I don’t know the answer to that.”

Tenay “Somewhere in between.”

Taz “I wouldn’t mind being in between the both of them, but I get your point.”

10. Possible hurricanrana attempt by Mickie on Tara from the turnbuckle/cage would have been sweet, but a move like that is hard to pull off since it’s so dependent on Tara’s launching point and ability to take a good/safe bump and sell the move. Very thankful it was not worse and Tara attempted to salvage it with a powerbomb attempt. Mickie and Tara are two tough ladies that earned the main event spot.

Match of the Night:

Steel Cage Match Mickie James vs. Tara

The match continued the physicality established early on in the feud. TNA and the announcers definitely played up the fact that this is a huge deal for these Knockouts to be main eventing Impact. The women delivered and not without adversity. Tara tore a ligament in her elbow after being thrown into the side of the cage and landing on it. Big props to Tara for continuing and take some bumps afterwards including the finish of the match. Mickie jumped off the top of the cage with a sit down splash/(Lou)Thesz Press on Tara, who give her credit for taking that bump with the bad wing. Both women worked hard and hurt to earn the honor. The match more than delivered. The Knockouts/Women’s Division really helps TNA stand out and they definitely should be proud of the hardworking ladies making up the division.

That is All.

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