10 Thoughts on UFC 124 St. Pierre vs. Koscheck 2 (Georges St. Pierre, Josh Koscheck)

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Pulse Glazer back with my 10 Thoughts on the show. As always, feel free to leave polite and not so polite responses in the comments section below. Check out the full review of the show right here.

1. I’m not a huge GSP fan, but he’s been so dominant for so long that he’s really making it harder to argue that he isn’t the best pound-for-pound fighter (at least in UFC) than it is to argue that he is. Everyone else has a major blemish, while GSP just keeps dominating top talent.

2. Koscheck was hugely disappointing. It became quickly apparent that he couldn’t stand up with GSP or out-wrestle him, so he just stood there passively most of the fight. I’d have really liked to see more aggression from him in attempting to pull the fight out. As is, that was ridiculously one sided.

3. Can we please, PLEASE get GSP vs. Anderson Silva now? How much more dominant in his division does GSP need to be?

4. Stefan Struve was hugely impressive. It’s rare to see a guy reverse to full-mount that way in this day and age, but he did and really looked impressive. Still, calling this a co-main event is a joke. I must have missed Struve and McCorkle in the poster and title of the fight.

5. Jim Miller was ridiculously impressive looking powerful and impressive, out BJJing Charles Oliveira. Oliveira, for his part, was entertaining and surely seems like a future champion. For Miller, though, the time is now and he needs a title shot.

6. I was really surprised at Mac Danzig’s power. He claims it just developed that way and I’m inclined to believe him. Stevenson isn’t the best fighter in the world, but he’s still really good and was completely knocked cold off Danzig’s punch while he was backing up.

7. This is the best I’ve ever seen Alves look, but this is also kind of his M.O. He dominates when he should, but isn’t great against better fighters. Still, fight of the night.

8. What do you do now if you’re Koscheck? You know you have no real shot at beating GSP and he’s got a chokehold on your weight class. Time to re-asses what your style is, I suppose.

9. McCorkle and Oliveira looked great in defeat and in time I can see them both atop their division. I’ll be sure to follow each.

10. Show Rating: 8/10. This isn’t the best UFC ever, thanks entirely to a lackluster main event, but the entire under-card was interesting with good fights and better finishes. The main event worked as an opportunity to watch one of the best in the world put on a clinic. Overall, a great show.

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.