10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 12.10.2010 – Kofi, Edge & Drew.

1. Remember when Edge said he was going to get rid of everything that was stupid in WWE? – Well, you’ve done a good job there Mr. Rated R Superstar *rolls eyes.*

2. Dear Jack Swagger, please shut-up complaining about Kofi kicking you while you were under the ropes and that he should have got DQ’d for it. Rey Mysterio’s finisher can only happen when his opponent is on the ropes and you don’t hear them whining and moaning about it.

3. Yes, the Hornswoggle/Swagger Soaring Eagle match was horribly awful and I’m not going to waste both mine and your time complaining about it but just one thing, why the hell would a mascot be tempted by bird seed?!

4. I may not necessarily agree with Koslov and Santino winning the tag team belts but it’s refreshing to see the tag team champions travel onto Smackdown, you know like they are supposed to do.

5. One question I have for Kofi Kingston – why do you still have the overly Jamaican entrance theme when that whole Jamaican gimmick (omg remember the incredibly fake accent? – cringe!) was thrown out the window aaaages ago?

6. The Intercontinental championship match was definitely one of Dolph and Kofi’s better bouts. I actually paid attention this time and was amazed by how high Kofi can leap into the air – maybe he should try out for the 2012 Olympic Games.  It looks like we will be getting a 3-way IC championship match at TLC which I so rightly predicted last week (not to blow my own trumpet or anything.) Hopefully, the belt will change hands as I am increasingly fed-up of Dolph Ziggler now and it desperately needs a new home – hopefully around Jack Swaggers waist.

7. As soon as Cody debuted with his ‘dashing’ persona I immediately wanted him to feud with Chris Masters in an Ultimate Warrior/Rick Rude-esque way and now it looks like my wish has finally been granted. I really hope they continue on with this for quite a while and we get our very own Smackdown posedown asap!

8. What the hell has Drew done to deserve this sh**?! Everybody in that match is a comedy act, should I expect Drew to turn into one soon as it looks like it could be going that away. Kofi gets title shot after title shot while Drew gets wasted being out-wrestled by Santino Marella of all people.  I would much rather watch Edge/Drew in the main event and at PPV’s then Edge/Kane over and over again. I’m not necessarily saying that Drew deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion but he should definitely be at the Upper-Midcard level rather than having to team up with Chavo Guerrero.

9. Well, that’s nice isn’t it – watching an old man getting pushed to his ‘death’ on national TV! *Sigh* – when will this hell be over?!

10. Best match: None of the matches really stood out for me in this edition of Smackdown except for the Divas match surprisingly.  Layla and Natalya gel really well together and they certainly have great chemistry. I really want to see a lot more from this pairing for longer than two minutes in the near future. But when are we going to see Beth get back in the ring? – It’s making me angry now!
Worst match: Hornswoggle/Eagle – can we all just pretend it never happened please?

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